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You Can Fail, But Fail Fast

“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein said that and he was a pretty smart guy. We are all going to make mistakes, but need to recognize them. We want our leaders to feel empowered to make decisions and push innovation with full transparency to all stakeholders.

One of our 10 Things, “You can fail, but fail fast”, is infused in our culture and day-to-day work. We don’t want anyone to have an #EpicFail, but we try to remove hesitation around trying new initiatives and driving innovation.

Here are a few of the ways we embrace risk-taking:

Teachable Moments – Since failing is emotional, people typically don’t do it twice. We learn and move on.

Highlighting Opportunities – We can’t be great at everything, but we can build teams that play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This creates a well-balanced team of specialists as opposed to one skill set, which makes organizations more nimble and adaptable to change.

Inspiration – Often times failing inspires you to work harder, dust yourself off and try again. It also creates a mentorship culture, where you are continually encouraging each other to reach for the stars and to succeed together.

The Success – As we’ve mentioned before, we like to win! So, in the end, success is the only option for our organization and for the clients we serve. We learn by doing and are focused on a winning culture.

Being responsive and innovative for our clients requires quick thinking. By removing the fear of failure, our teams are able to think creatively and go the extra mile to make each customer experience exceptional.

  1. Michael Faber

    Failure is also a great way of wiping your mental slate clean. Sometimes failing clears out old ideas, out-dated perspectives, and the detritus that reinforces negative thinking. “Removing the fear” creates space in which to exercise the power of “what if?” anew!

  2. Aaron Williams

    I love this article, because failure can be of the inevitable depending on who’s perspective! That’s just me being nice. Albert Einstein himself fail 10,000 times before he invented the perfect formula to light the light bulb! He’s is not the only one who succeeded after 1 billion crash tests. For me, failure is not a mis-take a learning experience. The question how many learning experience is too many? Have you heard this “Temptation to quit is greatest just before you are about to succeed”. In other words, Think again when you are about to quit, because you are closer to your goals than ever! Namaste!

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