What We Do

24-7 Intouch transforms your customers’ experience to drive brand loyalty and overall happiness.

Have You Talked To Us Today? Probably.

We are an award-winning global contact center and are experts in everything customer-facing. We’ve got you covered with core customer service channels, emerging customer service solutions, and everything behind the scenes. We’ve been providing these solutions for years and can exceed your expectations with our eyes closed (don’t worry, we won’t… but we could).


The Essentials

  • Chat: Chat has become a core CX channel, allowing your customers to interact with you at their convenience. Our teams are trained to address concerns, save the sale, and drive loyalty all while maintaining your brand voice. Having an awesome chat solution can increase your AOV, reduce Cost per Contact, and increase overall CSAT.
  • Voice: We provide high-touch, on-brand inbound voice solutions. Through various training techniques, your team will learn how to assist your customers without following a script, all while maintaining alignment with your brand voice.
  • Email: A responsive email program is key to a successful multichannel customer service solution. By leveraging your customer data, our email specialists are able to provide them with the answers they need, resolving issues as quickly as possible.
  • Self-Serve: An efficient self-service solution can increase personalization and deflect call volume. Whether you are starting from scratch or wanting to enhance your user experience, we can build the IVR of your dreams.

"We are redefining what a contact center is supposed to look like"

Emerging Channels

  • Social: Our social media management solution includes community monitoring, moderation, engagement, social care, risk management, and insights. We have developed social customer care programs for over 200 companies (and counting!), by providing technology recommendations, supporting marketing campaigns, developing training and certification programs and perfecting their KPI measurement.  
  • Mobile/SMS: We are leading the charge in SMS for CX. With our partners, we’ve been able to provide our clients with a new channel of communication. SMS customer service makes possible to text-enable toll free and business numbers for sales and service, providing a more convenient and personal interaction for customers on the go.
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence (AI) doesn’t replace human interaction, it enhances it. We’ve developed and leveraged advanced technologies to increase agent efficiency. This way, we can personalize your customer’s experience by working smarter, not harder.

"We do all of this with one goal in mind: To grow with you and be true brand ambassadors to your customers"

Behind The Scenes

  • Backoffice: We have extensive experience in providing our customers with back office support. Often leveraged during the start of new projects or when seasonal contact volumes deflate, these tasks may include fulfillment, website and process usability testing, marketing & competitive intelligence, fraud detection, and list scrubbing.
  • UAT/UTR: Launching new user interfaces doesn’t have to be hard. We have the capability to test them in a variety of formats prior to go-live with your customers. We have experience beta testing website updates and/or changes to ensure usability and accuracy of all links. We also test robust, self-service IVR trees to ensure all features are active to return expected results.
  • Fraud: Protecting your brand is important to us. That is why we have established fraud detection experience within a variety of industries. From eCommerce fraud monitoring, to handling insurance and settlement claims in the CPG space, we’re your first line of defence.