24-7 Intouch Loyalty Best Practices

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24-7 Intouch Loyalty Best Practices

We recently asked our Operations experts about their recommendations for developing and maintaining customer loyalty in the contact center. Their responses are straightforward and easy to implement into your own customer care strategy.

1. Cultural Consistency
Customers crave a company culture that is memorable and identifiable. Through recruitment and training, on boarding and ongoing development, employees should have a clear understanding of the company culture. The ultimate goal is to provide a comfortable and familiar experience across all customer-facing channels.

  • Specific recruitment profile and selection process for employees at all levels
  • Mission statements and goals posted around the office
  • Emphasis on high-touch coaching for front-line employees
  • Ongoing employee development around company culture and branding

2. Personal Touch
In an age of anonymity, creating an emotional connection with customers can make a world of difference. Along with a quality product or service, a loyal customer needs to feel that their opinion and support is appreciated.

  • Feedback portals available, visible and user friendly
  • Timely and personalized follow-up on complaints or concerns
  • Front-line employees encouraged to use personality or build rapport on every contact
  • Thank-you emails sent after a purchase or contact

3. Develop a Process
By establishing a process for every customer engagement, you are increasing the levels of cultural consistency and personal touch. Important steps to implement in your communication process include:

  • Listen to the customer and restate the concern before attempting to resolve the issue
  • Discuss products and services to give the customer options that will meet their needs, while adding value to the business
  • Strive to resolve the issue in one contact if at all possible, by removing agent road blocks and providing escalation points
  • Be proactive with challenges by using honest and clear communication

4. Invest in the Right Areas
Building loyalty requires a combination of investments to maximize the efficiencies of your communication channels.

  • Your Employees
    • Recognize their tenure and internal loyalty to your company
    • Experienced employees are more focused on delivering an exceptional service on all interactions; both internally & externally.
    • Technology : Implement VOC/NPS reporting that best fits your needs

According to Inc.com, obtaining new customers is five to 10 times more expensive than maintaining relationships with existing ones. In addition, repeat customers spend an average of 67 percent more than new ones (Fenn, 2010). You already have your customers’ best interest in mind and by implementing these best practices; your communication channels will strengthen ties with loyal customers.

Article Contributors:  Terril Chessell, Randy Sagurski, Jim Lambros, Moe Nyokong, Floyd Hamill, and Samantha King

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