3 Ways to Prepare your CX for Peak Seasons

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CX for Peak Seasons

3 Ways to Prepare your CX for Peak Seasons

It’s important for brands to choose customer care partners who can stay flexible during their busiest seasons. A successful partnership means working closely together to understand goals and determining how best to execute during the most critical times.

Keeping up with a brand’s busy season, whether it’s Back-to-School, a new product release or the infamous holiday shopping season, is essential for any successful partner. 

Here are 3 ways to ensure you are winning at customer care during your peak volume seasons: 


The first step in planning for volume peaks is creating a strong team of prepared representatives. Recruiting teams need to source candidates with scaling in mind, while interviewing and hiring the best people to represent your brand. 

Workforce Management teams should keep a close eye on volume trends, constantly evaluating historical data and forecasts to determine how many representatives will be needed at different times. 

Operations Teams are focused on the day-to-day success of each program and need to concentrate on key KPIs even during the busiest seasons. Performance evaluations drive agent coaching to ensure customers are always receiving a personalized, memorable interaction. 

Keep it Simple

It’s important to focus on making the customer experience as seamless and simple as possible. For example, don’t bury toll-free numbers or chat buttons deep into the shopping cart process. Make it easy for customers to get in contact by clearly placing these buttons on every page of the website, showing customers that you’re accessible to assist them with any issues they may have. 

Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is also super beneficial in smoothing consumer demands during peak sales season. IVR is used to efficiently route calls and collect caller information in advance, reducing the average cost per call. This also provides an easy self-serve experience, reducing the number of callers that actually need to talk to a live person.

Make it easy for your customers to contact you by offering omnichannel support through channels like voice, live chat, email, social media, in-app chat, and more. This ensures you’re ready to help your customers in whatever channel they prefer to interact. 

Plan for Post-Sales

A busy season doesn’t end immediately after the sales rush. Customer support after a peak season is just as critical as during the initial rush, as customer inquiries about returns, shipping statuses and technical support increase at this time. By creating a seamless customer experience, you can create brand loyalty, strengthening the probability of repeat purchases from these customers.

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