Delivering Aligned Customer Experience Across All Channels

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Delivering Aligned Customer Experience Across All Channels

Our team recently returned from the Astute Solutions’ 2014 Customer Conference, which took place February 25-28 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Matt Wheatley, Director of Customer Experience at 24-7 Intouch presented, “Delivering Aligned Customer Experience Across All Channels,” which focused on omni-channel integration, maximizing the SaS cloud environment from Astute, and the integration of the Astute ePowerCenter 9.0 for agent assist.

According to stats from a recent Zendesk/Loudhouse report, 67% of online shoppers have made purchases that involved multiple channels in the past 6 months. Yet, only 7% are extremely satisfied that brands provide a seamless, integrated and consistent customer service experience across channels. In order to maintain a consistent experience for customers across all channels, the proper data needs to be available and messaging tailored to the specific medium in which it is delivered.

1) Crafting The Message
The first step in delivering uniform service is to clearly define your goals and overall business strategy. A CRM system, such as Astute’s ePowerCenter, will help you to keep an accurate and updated collection of data. This data can then be used to complete customer profiles that include all interactions and transactions made. Once you have a better understanding of your customers, you can then craft strategic messaging for them. Messages can be segmented according to customer type.

2) Understanding The Channel
The original message you have created may be good, but before sending, you should take a minute and evaluate the channel you will
be sending it through. It is not only important to have a thorough understanding of the channels you use, but also how to communicate within them. What works in voice, will not always be the same messaging you want to use over chat or social media. For example, the inflection in an agent’s voice may be able to communicate tone or a mood over the phone, but cannot be relied upon in a written medium.

Through the use of correct punctuation and phrasing, the same message can be communicated over multiple mediums. Always strive to have a conversation with your customers. Through written communication, it may seem easy to just jump right in and ask for the information you need to do your job, but is that the kind of conversation you want to be having with your customers? Create rapport with you customers in order to strengthen the overall relationship and level of loyalty.

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