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B2B For Your B

Great experiences shouldn’t just be reserved for your paying customers. Employees and suppliers can feel the love too. With a dynamic workforce and strong cultural understanding, the best customer care partners can do more for their clients than talk to their customers.

A great outsourcing partner gets that, and can help alleviate internal and back office tasks like outbound sales follow-ups, facility hotlines, and store-to-store transfers. The closer the alignment between brand and outsource partner, the easier the transition is to help out internally. Really, really good partners can easily transition between business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) functions with the right tools and “can-do” attitude. Since they already know your brand, and are great at handling your end customer, a true outsourcing partner can provide the same premium support to your other VIPs.

Many business owners do not have a robust internal sales team, leaving other business trying to get in touch confused and unable to get what they’re looking for. This is actually a huge “missed opportunity”: one company misses out on the sale to another vendor and the other company misses an opportunity to attract customers, based on the product/service they’re trying to get. So why not use your customer care partner to help out here? Use your customer care team, who are already fluent in talking to your customers and in using phone/email/chat to do it! You can even incentivize your outbound contact staff with opportunities for commission, which may lead to BIG MONEY for the client and decrease the missed potential for revenue.

Pro tip : Set goals for your team and brag about exceeding them. It’s awesome for the team and important to celebrate success!

Another way to use your outsourced partner for B2B functions is to expand an existing program to provide internal support in emergencies that likely aren’t covered by standard procedure since they’re anomalies. If your client has physical storefronts, there are often situations that employees face where they need help, but are not 100% clear on who to call (despite the relentless Ghostbusters jokes). These situations can be physical damage (in the case of a break-in, vandalism etc.), required maintenance and housekeeping, and other emergency situations.

After-hours support is a great place to start. This can include IVR recordings and agents trained for emergency relief. Your client will be thrilled that their internal teams have less stress on other departments, which will lead to better productivity for everyone.

Pro tip : An after-hours support program may not be an obvious need by your client. Get scrappy and investigate. Maybe you’ll find an opportunity you (or your client) didn’t see before!

In cases where customers are shopping in-store, there are many things that can adversely impact their experience. Most of these are uncontrollable, but one thing you can control is your staff. Have you ever stood at the cash register to pay and the cashier is stuck on the phone, dealing with something else? Availability of staff on-duty is necessary, and if they cannot help the people right in front of them, you risk hurting your reputation and customer retention. Guess what? You can alleviate stress on staff for store-to-store merchandise transfers and other internal, store-level services by sending in your customer contact team!

Through knowledge-based training, you can empower agents to respond to internal tickets via phone and email, and you can even extend this program globally, based on what languages you provide.

Pro tip: Through a targeted assessment of workflow, evaluate your AHT (average handle time) often and report your time (and therefore, cost) savings to the client!

We’re in the business of helping people, no matter who they are. If we can provide relief and add value, we’re doing our jobs right. Though outsourced partners are often used to support customer contact, there are many other ways to maximize that partnership by exploring B2B opportunities. Chances are, you’ll strengthen your partnership by becoming more aligned and add value to your company by having more productive internal staff.

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