Beat The Distance: Taking Your Culture Worldwide

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Beat The Distance: Taking Your Culture Worldwide

Global businesses are taking full advantage of top talent and breaking into foreign markets. An important question that companies need to ask is, how do you motivate and align your global workforce with your company culture?

Celebrate Differences

When launching operations in a new country, leadership should always take the time to get familiar with cultural differences that exist and encourage their team members to do the same. Tools such as Hofstede’s Insights can be a great starting point. Explain your company culture and approach, but also allow team members the freedom to interpret what it means to them in a way that aligns with their own culture.

Engage Worldwide

It’s no secret that engaged employees bring loads of benefits to a business, including an increase in productivity. But a major challenge for executives can be keeping their entire international workforce equally engaged. Companies need to work just as hard to engage their teams in remote locations as they do with employees at home, to make sure everyone feels connected to the organization. Some tactics that can be used to boost employee engagement include employee recognition and providing opportunities for growth and development. Companies can even create their own Employee Experience (EX) departments. EX departments focus on engaging team members and connecting employees with the company culture. This is done through theme days, health and wellness programs and holiday celebrations that are personalized to each location. This department also focuses on measuring employee satisfaction and implementing retention initiatives across the company.

Make Long Distance Work

Communication is key to ensuring that every employee feels in the loop. Remote team members can easily join meetings through Google Hangouts, Skype and FaceTime. If regular meetings occur with teams who live many time zones away, consider rotating your meeting schedule so that there isn’t always just one team having to wake up early.

Airfare is a crucial investment, so now is the time to start collecting those points! Leadership should travel to their international sites as often as possible, to put names to faces and break down barriers. These visits will shape cohesiveness and help teams understand your company’s mission and expectations.

Same Same, But Different

Leadership should prioritize the look and feel of their work environments, and ensure this is consistent at operations around the world. Creating branded workspaces that are fun and collaborative helps team members to live and breathe the company culture, in addition to fostering productivity, creativity and empowerment. Although the work spaces can be different to reflect the various global cultures, they should all be equally enticing.

When it comes to managing a global workforce, challenges exist. However, it is no question that the benefits of having employees stationed around the world who offer diverse perspectives and viewpoints, offset any of these challenges. At 24-7 Intouch, what we love most about our home is who we share it with – and we are so lucky to share it with team members all around the globe.

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