The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Customer Care Program

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benefits of outsourcing customer care

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Customer Care Program

Creating consistent communication channels between you and your customers builds long-term relationships and increased brand loyalty.

With newer communication channels such as social media and SMS messaging, and the customer expectation to be able to connect with brands when and how they want, understanding the importance of quality customer service and retention strategies has never been more important.

A positive customer experience can turn into a lasting, loyal relationship. High-quality calls, chats, social interactions, and emails, along with focusing on the total customer journey across all service delivery channels, can take your customer care program to the next level.

However, there is always one question that lurks – should you keep your customer care program in-house or outsource it to an expert in the industry.

Outsourcing can make sense for certain companies and particular challenges. In the retail sector, brands can outsource overflow calls during peak holiday seasons, which can result in increased savings in agent recruiting, overhead and efficiencies. In some instances, retail companies have seen cost-savings up to 25 to 30 percent.

Here are some tips on how to achieve outstanding results when partnering with an outsourcer:

High Touch Brand Specialists

It’s important to partner with an outsourcer that puts training your agents to be true brand specialists first. Creating a culture that mimics your own in-house experience to ensure outsourced agents feel they are an extension of your brand is essential for service and cohesion. From recruiting and selection to training and recognition, goals should always remain to create a high touch, friendly and professional interaction on each customer connection.

CSAT and Total Customer Experience

On every interaction, the goal should always be to add value to each customer. You should look for an outsourcer that not only focuses on a high quality scored call, but the overall customer experience and satisfaction level with your brand. They should invest in a customer experience team that provides internal assessments and quality calibration sessions with your company. They should also continually strive to provide a complete customer experience, consistent with each contact channel to your satisfaction.

CRM/Case Management Technology Expertise

Partnerships are important and are not limited to just the one you form with an outsourcer. The relationships that an outsourcer has with other industry leaders is also extremely valuable. Partnerships with leading technology providers in CRM and Case Management ensures the agents representing your brand have accurate, consistent information and data capture tools to personalize the customer experience and nurture their journey with your company.

Outsourcing can easily provide positive experiences for your business, with stronger customer relationships, improved sales, and increased customer and employee retention.

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