Best Practices for a Successful SMS Solution

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Best Practices for a Successful SMS Solution

Similar to social media accounts, text messaging or Short Messaging Service (SMS) feels more personal to consumers. Unlike email addresses, phone numbers are still a personal piece of trust that people share with great cautiousness. Therefore it is important thatwhen a company chooses to engage in customer service via SMS, a communication strategy be in place. If done properly, SMS campaigns can build a strong relationship with your customer base.

Some best practices when launching a new SMS solution platform are:

Always ask for permission. Even if your customers request to receive SMS, do not assume you can text them with every marketing and sales message you have. Texting should be used to avoid calling or emailing, often because consumers are looking for a quick answer in the moment. Therefore, don’t send that unsolicited survey, or you will find yourself with annoyed customers.

Provide an easy opt-out. Make it simple and obvious for a person to stop receiving SMS communication from your company. Even if customers requested that you text them, regularly ask them if they would like to continue receiving these messages.

Be friendly & professional. SMS is another extension of your brand voice. Make sure your tone is friendly, upbeat, and always communicate effectively and professionally. Also contrary to popular demand, avoid emojis or textese (LOL, TTYL, OMG).

Be ready to switch channels. If it’s clear that the conversation isn’t moving toward a resolution, consider calling the customer. You already have the phone number available.

Respond quickly. Customers expect a response to their SMS within the hour. You can also set up simple autoresponders that let the customer know you’re investigating to acknowledge that their message has been received.


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