Best Practices in Multichannel Customer Care – Part 3

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Best Practices in Multichannel Customer Care – Part 3

Click here to read Part 1 and Part 2 in the series from our Operations Team. Here are two more of their top service tips for multichannel connected customers.

1) Encourage customers to use self-direct learning or self-help when possible, by providing them with links to where they can find the information they’re seeking online. This will not only reduce calls or emails to the center, but also increase the level of convenience for the customer, as they can access the information they’re seeking at a time that works best for them.

2) Customer inquiries should be responded to as quickly as possible. Calls should be answered within 30 seconds of entering the queue and emails within 24 hours. Templates can be used when replying to consumers via email, increasing processing speed of the files. Reps can be empowered to customize email templates to ensure their emails address the questions and concerns brought forth, and when appropriate, also be able to compose written communication from scratch.

3) If a second email is received from the same customer, choose not to email back, but rather to call the guest for a more personal resolution. This helps to build the relationship between the customer and guest relations and their confidence in the service level of the brand.

4) When call and email queues become very busy, priority should be given to inbound calls and then emails. All applicable agents should reply to emails in between receiving calls. If they’re working on an email when a call comes in, they should put it aside to complete once their call is over. Balancing service levels is not only important to fulfill business and contact requirements, but also to respond to the guest in a timely manner. By dedicating time and agents to different duties, will increase productivity.

1) Don’t wait for your employees to get bored with their work, inspire them to compete in a healthy way with their fellow co-workers. Create various agent and leadership incentive programs to drive specific behaviours in each channel.

2) Your customer care team should be proactively reaching out to customers to communicate upcoming changes, news, etc., through multiple channels, with the same consistent message. Ensure your staff is properly educated on all changes and the best way to communicate them to customers, to avoid surprises.

Following a set of best practices helps us evaluate our efforts, keeping strategies and techniques that work and implementing/adapting other best practices to see if they can help us achieve our goals. They allow us to develop customer loyalty, communicate in a clear, consistent way, and provide flexible, customized, and calculated customer service that ultimately keeps both customers and our clients happy.

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