Best Practices in Multichannel Customer Care

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Best Practices in Multichannel Customer Care

Members of our Operations Team recently listed their top tips for providing the highest level of service to multichannel connected customers. Keep reading to hear what they had to say.

Training & Quality
1) Create a base-line experience or “feel” that will be associated with the brand and consistent through all channels. This can be achieved through front-line employee recruiting profiles, visual branding through company logos/imagery, and having a mission statement and values that are clearly understood by all employees. Once a foundation is built, monitoring and ongoing development is needed to maintain high quality service levels.

2) Robust training is necessary to ensure front-line representatives are communicating the brand the way it should be. It’s important for management to be involved in the training process, especially during the first few days as it will help new hires to feel valued.

3) Team Leaders should be provided with clear daily, weekly, and monthly expectations for the number of contacts that should be monitored and frequency of coaching sessions that should be administered. The coaching sessions should be observed through triad sessions with upper management and skip-level meetings between front-level employees and upper management. Training should be an ongoing process that involves feedback from the brand itself.

1) Take the time to review chat logs, customer emails, keyword searches, and call center recordings, as the data recovered will highlight common issues. Watch for similarities in customer complaints such as what channel they’re using, response time, or unclear explanations.

2) In addition to complaints, channel usage data will clearly show which channels are underutilized and can possibly be cut from the customer service offering. It is important to be present in multiple environments, as some customers will feel more comfortable reaching out through one medium than another. Offering multiple channels will avoid alienation for particular customer segments and ensure consumer issues are communicated to the support team as opposed to being left alone and ultimately, causing the loss of a customer for the business.

As important as it is to have a multichannel service offering, it’s more important to be where YOUR customers are. If your customers hate reaching out through live chat, and usage numbers are consistently low, it might be time to rethink that specific channel in your strategy. Taking this approach will focus and maximize CSR support and resources.

Article Contributors: Jim Lambros, Shauna Upshaw, Moe Nyokong, Randy Sagurski, Sam King, Floyd Hamill, Terril Chessell, and Steve Muise.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Best Practices in Multichannel Customer Care – coming soon to Rethink Outsourcing.

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