Beyond The Contact Center Pt 1: The Strategic Value of Metrics

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Beyond The Contact Center Pt 1: The Strategic Value of Metrics

Did you know? It’s predicted that by 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second, for every human being in the world. This explosion of available insights has the potential to bring huge value to brands everywhere.

The customer service world is no exception. There is massive amounts of data available to help navigate contact center operations, measure the customer journey and build customer loyalty. But one of the most important things it can do is demonstrate the value of a customer care team to the rest of an organization.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It: Deliver Strategic Value

When asked what the primary function of a customer care team is, many in the contact center industry provide the following responses:

  • Handle contacts efficiently
  • Drive loyalty
  • Drive revenue
  • Reduce risk

Yes, these create a solid baseline. But in today’s competitive landscape, brands are looking to their customer service teams to deliver even more strategic value. Here’s the good news! When data is used right, customer care teams have the ability to:

  • Be customer advocates that help to create brand advocates
  • Educate other departments on the customer point of view
  • Identify opportunities for change with cross-functional teams
  • Recommend how to add even more value to customers

Delivering on these makes customer care teams more valuable to an organization by bringing customer insights to the table. These insights can shape policies, processes, experiences and products. Plus, educating cross-functional teams helps to fix systematic issues or expose new opportunities that can add huge value for customers.

Be a Teacher’s Pet

It’s important to tie Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help measure and drive customer experience from the contact center to overall corporate goals. This provides actionable, meaningful insights that are relevant and raise the profile of the contact center to everyone in the organization.

Driving education across the organization helps executive and cross-functional teams truly understand what customers are saying. By ensuring the customer care team is part of conversations around the brand or product vision, it becomes easier to focus on the primary objective of the contact center and drive that vision through the metrics gathered.

As you can see, insights can do a lot of powerful things to help deliver change within the contact center. But how do you identify which metrics are the most meaningful and show value add? Even more importantly, how do you bring this information to life, find the right people to take action on them, and help build some measure of importance and relevance around the customer care team? Read our thought paper to learn more!

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