Why Bother Measuring Customer Satisfaction? Part 1

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Why Bother Measuring Customer Satisfaction? Part 1

CSAT surveys are a powerful tool that companies can use to drive loyalty and ensure their customers are happy throughout their entire journey with your brand.

Truly insightful analytics happen when you can tie the individual’s customer experience to their satisfaction in a CSAT survey. Prior to a survey being launched, a strategic plan on how you will implement some of the feedback will allow the insights to be more meaningful and actionable.

There are some key questions brands should consider before launching their CSAT survey, including:

  • Why do we want to measure customer experience? What do we want to learn or understand at a deeper level?
  • Operationally, which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are tracked at the department level? How can we better understand root causes for KPIs to move the metrics in the right direction?
  • Strategically, what does our company care about? Ultimately, how is success defined?
  • What insights can be gleaned from customer contacts that would enhance the experience of all customers?

Each survey question should be selected based on the strategic and operational goals of the organization.

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Measuring customer satisfaction helps to understand the pain points in your customer’s journey with your brand, and provide the insights to transform those customers’ experiences moving forward. Remember, keeping customers happy costs a lot less than looking for new ones!

In our next blog post, we will focus on the most common question types asked in CSAT surveys, and what their analytical purposes are.

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