Set up for Success: How to Build a Winning Social Dream Team

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Set up for Success: How to Build a Winning Social Dream Team

It’s playoff season in the sports worlds of hockey and basketball. Teams strive to win and add pieces during the offseason to become a “playoff” contender. Is the team with the most talented players a sure bet to win? Not always.

In sports, there’s more to winning than talent alone. You may have a group of players who are passionate about their respective sport, but it still comes down to team cohesion. It’s the chemistry amongst team mates, learning how to play defence, collaborating on offence and a whole lot of practice that sets winners apart from losers.

Comparing this example to social customer care is not that far of a stretch. If you think about it, just because someone is the most socially savvy person, or most talented player (in this case), doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the right fit for the team as a whole. In this world, it’s still about customer care. To build a social dream team, it takes the right mix of skills and experience, nurtured by the one constant that helps you win – PRACTICE. In this scenario, training and collaboration are the keys to success.

Matt Wheatley, Director of Customer Experience at 24-7 Intouch discussed this idea at the SOCAP Symposium earlier this week. Maya Kotecha, Vice President at Social Herd, also moderated a panel at the Social Media Strategies Summit this week, directly related to the topic.

The common theme is CUSTOMER SERVICE IS STILL KING. When it comes to social customer care, you have to build a team around service. Social skills are still important, but once you have the right candidates, your training will strengthen the rest.

Below are a few key social training questions to consider that will help your teams win:

  1. Customer Service: What goals are you trying to achieve and how will you achieve them in each channel or social network?
  2. Social Platform:What tools are available and how will you leverage them to achieve your customer service goals?
  3. Monitoring vs. Listening vs. Engaging: What criteria or guidelines are you using to know what to monitor and when to engage? How do you extract social insights from listening?
  4. Social Interactions: What are your response speed expectations? How do you communicate in each social network?

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