Captivating Millennial Buyers

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Captivating Millennial Buyers

Digital natives, generation Y, “selfie” takers, millennials: call them what you will. This demographic of customer is a force to be reckoned with. Millennials have a need for immediate satisfaction and have extreme expectations. If unsatisfied, they are the first to jump on Twitter and let the world know. They are valuable customers with lots of buying power and are known to influence the buying decision of people around them. The statistics are mind blowing. By 2017 they’ll have more spending power than any other age group. They had an estimated purchasing power of 2.45 trillion in 2015.  Set to be the largest consumer generation in history, engaging them is pivotal to your business. So, how do we keep them happy ensuring their business is coming your way? Micah Solomon of Forbes breaks down 7 strategic ways of serving your millennial customer in a way they’ll understand and appreciate.

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