Case Study: White Glove Service

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Case Study: White Glove Service

A personalized white glove approach to customer service shows your customers that you value their dedication to your brand with each interaction. By doing so, you’ll do more than just increase customer satisfaction. You will foster brand loyalty that could last for years.

24-7 Intouch worked with one of the largest beauty retailers in the United States to facilitate the launch of a personalized white glove customer service experience for all platinum members of their loyalty rewards program. The goal of this service is to create a more customized and exclusive rewards program experience for platinum members when they called the Company’s toll free number.

The Solution

24-7 Intouch created a new, separate line queue within the existing general IVR that allows each platinum member to enter by matching the phone number that the customer is calling in from to their platinum rewards account. This new specialized line cue also has separate, personalized messaging for all platinum members, as well as exclusive high performing agents who have received additional, customized training to help service these customers.

The Results

Within the first six months of the program, customers almost tripled their usage in the IVR. The education customers receive on the Company’s website, email, and with a live customer service representative has also been a key component to the success of the specialized IVR. The self-help utilization also increased, averaging at 72% for the first six months of the program.

Finally, customers are utilizing the Member Information option on the IVR at a higher percentage than the Order Info option. By leveraging the rewards specialized IVR, the Company has experienced a decrease in non-customer service/order issues within the contact center.

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