Contact Center Recipe for Success

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Contact Center Recipe for Success

Finding the correct balance in your complete customer care strategy, that delivers both customer experience and ROI, can often be difficult. In order to manage the constant evolution of customer care in a multi-technological, multichannel, results driven environment, contacts must be properly assessed, segmented, and analyzed to develop the most appropriate strategy. There are endless approaches, but some common recipes do exist that can be applied or altered to fit many different scenarios.

The most important step to take in strategic development is to understand your audience. Profile and segment them in order to interpret their behavioral patterns, which can then in-turn be used to create meaningful goals, that should align with your overall strategy or mission. Once that data has been correlated, the best mixture of channels can be implemented to connect with the right customers, at the right time. Possible goals could include increasing conversions, CSAT, or ROI.

Three examples of groups you could use for segmentation are self-serve customers, voice customers, and mixed channels. Customers that fit into the self-serve group are low maintenance contacts who don’t necessarily need a great customer experience. These are usually people who are visiting your website for browsing purposes and rarely converting. These customers will achieve goals themselves without much assistance, meaning you can decrease the number of chat agents you employ and ultimately save money through decreased technology and labor fees. Customers that prefer using a voice channel are high priority, high maintenance customers. They are likely to convert and will need more attention, with effective scripting and the proper agents in place to take calls. Mixed channel contacts like to reach out different ways such as by phone, e-mail, chat, self-service, or social. These are medium priority clients whose maintenance levels will vary according to which channel they choose to use. If you have customers reaching out through different channels, it is not only important to have a presence there, but also optimize those networks.

When you stop and think what your customers need, aligning your company strategy, goals, and channels will not seem very difficult to accomplish. Leverage best practices to create agent efficiencies for each channel you choose to utilize and develop technology enhancements to drive performance.

What ingredients are you using to create a recipe that provides maximum impact for customer experience and ROI?

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