Creating A True Brand Experience With Data

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Creating A True Brand Experience With Data

Information such as how consumers use a product, opinions on quality, and other VoC (Voice of the Customer) metrics prove useful in determining a customer care strategy.

Once collected, the new data should be applied to the customer profile. Real-time analytics should be utilized and any rules outlined by the brand followed, such as prioritizing customers, sending personalized messaging or content, an additional perk, or priority routing. All of this data can also assist in developing a self-service model for customers. Include common FAQ’s and other important details about a product, service, or brand to increase CSAT and decrease basic customer inquiries that can be quickly taken care of without contacting the Customer Service department.

Data Accessibility

The most important point, that will create a truly omnichannel brand experience, is to emphasize data accessibility at all levels of an organization. A customer interaction in one channel does not tell the entire story. Therefore, it is important to continually check to ensure that your data is filtering through properly to complete the customer profile.

Having one unified system will help to increase First Contact Resolution (FCR) and eliminate those annoying call transfers from agent to agent where a customer ends up spending more time explaining their problem to each new agent, than actually having their problem solved. Conversations with customers can be picked up right where they were previously left off if speaking to multiple people in an organization or a new CSR for the first time. It also proves helpful for brands that operate in multiple countries and have various branches of customer care. Average Handle Time (AHT) should also decrease as agents will spend less time trying to track down answers and more time building a relationship with the customer. Agent satisfaction will skyrocket as they will feel like they are good at what they do and making a difference with customers, which will also directly impact agent retention.

Standardize the process for data collection and entry in every department for consistency and to lower training time for new employees. Consolidate records, delete duplicate accounts, and try to have one master record for each customer. Validate the accuracy of details whenever possible and update algorithms to capture and filter information to the correct location.

Data Management

Information management often falls to the bottom of the priority list, but maintaining clean data, in a centralized system, is crucial to take strategic action in every customer interaction. In order to maintain clean, manageable data, errors needs to be minimized. Data entry is the main source of error, but there could also be a problem with outdated records, antiquated or ill-fitting technology, or budget restraint holding back progress. System inconsistencies will also be an issue if data collection, entry, and storage processes are not streamlined across all levels of the organization.

Make Data a Priority

All of the analyzing and planning will mean absolutely nothing if there is no follow through on the strategy. A continual feedback loop, which includes profiling customers, standardizing processes on all levels, understanding and consolidating data, making connections, determining action, following through with the strategic plan, and continuing to monitor and adjust the strategic plan as you go will be the only way to continue to stay ahead of the curve. The outcome of taking these steps will be an accurate representation of data on all levels of the brand which will increase efficiency, CSAT, enable smarter business decisions to be made, and allow for an authentic view of the brand to shine through to consumers.

Keep in mind that customers and the data associated with them are constantly evolving, but there is no need to feel like you’re drowning in data. By optimizing what you’re doing, evaluating feedback, noise, etc., and choosing solutions that will make your customers happy, you’ll be swimming to shore in no time.

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