Customer Service Week – CSR Spotlight

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Customer Service Week – CSR Spotlight

Customer Service Week is celebrated globally to honor those who devote their lives to customer care. We are beyond grateful for our amazing customer service team. Without their service and support, 24-7 Intouch would not be the company it is today.

To celebrate the event, running October 7-11, we have a few interviews with our customer service professionals.

Today’s interview features responses from a few of our top CSR’s: Dennis, Leslie, Mervyn, LaShonn, and Andrew.

1) What is your top customer service memory?
Helping find solutions for people for customer service issues and ensuring they understand the entire process. (Dennis)

I don’t know that I have a specific top memory, however any time that you have a call that starts with a customer, who was already upset before they started talking to you, and ends with the customer happy, is a great feeling. (Leslie)

Working in a library you often had people who had to look up information on subjects that embarrassed them; mostly health and relationship issues. It was a huge boost to be able to help such people locate that info, as well as present an environment where they felt safe enough to search out and begin talking about the subject. (Andrew)

2) Why do you think customer service is important?
It allows people to feel like they can ask questions freely. (Dennis)

Customer Service is important because it could mean the difference between someone choosing your company or going with someone else. Good Customer Service can also encourage repeat business. (Leslie)

Customer service is key to running a successful business. Customer service is important to me because everything is based on satisfying the customer. If you have a bunch of upset customers, than you have no customers. With no customers, there’s no business to stay open. (Mervyn)

Customer service is important because people are really dependent on it. If I call a place, I want to make sure that I can get everything taken care of in one call or through one transaction. There are times when I have had to call back more than once because I was given incorrect information. When someone receives good customer service, it just makes life easier for them. (LaShonn)

It presents the human element of a company’s mission, and it gives a point of empathy for anyone encountering difficulty with a company’s service, regardless of the reason. (Andrew)

3) Top tips for the best customer service?
-Listening to what the customer has to say is important. People want to feel like they are being heard and that what they have to say and how they feel is important to you.
-Showing empathy can also mean a lot to a customer and can go a long way in making the customer feel like you care.
-Try to resolve their issue to the best of your ability in the first contact. (Leslie)

  • Having passion about the product or just product knowledge! If you have no passion about your job, then you have very little motivation to excel in servicing the customer. The company Apple is a great example of this theory. At a store level, they are excited about every product in the store, so if a customer has a question about anything the employees radiate a willingness to help and educate the customer.
  • Friendliness! Having a great attitude goes a long way. Once a customer walks comes into contact, they should feel welcomed to be there. When asked a question, they should know that you’re excited to help for as long as it takes.
  • Patience! Not every customer is always the easiest to deal with. Sometimes there is someone that seems like they don’t want to be helped and nothing will appease them. The easiest way to resolve a tough situation is to be able to tolerate the customers negativity and make something positive out of it. Listen to the issue, than present a solution. (Mervyn)

– Take notes so that you can listen without interrupting and to make sure that you are keeping track of everything they need or want without asking them to repeat.
– Use the clients name at least once during the call to make the call or interaction feel personable. (LaShonn)

-Let every customer interaction be truly its own issue. There are countless repetitions of the same issue, and you will use the same skills and resources to see to them, but work to face each situation with individual consideration. Keeps you from missing the small stuff, and it also forces you to keep your mind fresh. (Andrew)

4) Where do you see customer service going in the future?
Chats seem to be getting more and more popular. Perhaps in the future video chats will become more popular. (Leslie)

I see customer service being handled mainly through email, chats, or some type of new social media designed just for companies to engage with customers. I believe there will be very little contact made by phone. (LaShonn)

It’s one of few jobs that will always require a human being to present the info and empathize with their concerns. Every automated system is a nightmare, and no one is going to want SIRI to see to their concerns or issues. In the future, I’d guess that the process to enter and present information to be more efficient. (Andrew)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our interview series with our customer service professionals!

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