Customer-Obsessed Brands to Keep Your Eye On

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customer obsessed brands

Customer-Obsessed Brands to Keep Your Eye On

“We Obsess About Our Clients” is a 10 Thing we live by, but we also obsess about brands who obsess about their customers. There’s a difference between companies that care about their customers and the ones that truly listen to what their customers want. Combining top notch customer care with incredible customer experiences is the key to happy and loyal customers.

Here are 5 customer-obsessed brands that took customer experiences to the next level in 2018 and will lead the way in 2019.

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Dollar Shave Club

The competition within the subscription industry is tough, but Dollar Shave Club stands out from the crowd because of their focus on customers. They use a high-tech CRM and fulfillment management software that allows them to have a deeper understanding of who their customers are and what they want. Last November, Dollar Shave Club launched vending machines with pre-bundled products in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Members with their app receive SMS notifications when a vending machine is nearby, fundamentally changing the way products are brought to their customers.


Netflix obsesses about their customers by getting to know them really well. By using predictive analytics, they’re able to create super personalized recommendations when it comes to what their customers want to watch. Data is collected on each user’s watch history, ratings and preferences. This information is put into an AI-powered algorithm and predicts what people will want to watch next. This big data algorithm helps Netflix save approximately $1 billion a year in customer retention.


Nike is “just doing it” when it comes to creating experiences for their customers. Within the loyalty app, customers can define what they’re interested in (including products and sports) and customized information is fed back to them. When visiting their Nike House Of Innovation 000, customers are greeted by a customization bar that allows them to create their own unique styles. Scanning QR codes on mannequins shows in-store availability and sizing for items on display. Shoppers can also avoid carrying clothes around the store by adding items to their “try-on list”. When they’re happy with their virtual shopping bag, the physical items are sent to a fitting room.


Sephora is helping their customers find the right products with AI. By collecting data, personalized profiles are created for their customers based on preferences and purchase history. AI then sorts through that data and predicts which products customers will need next and adds them to a “Recommended for You” section on the homepage. In-store, Sephora launched a Pantone ColorIQ test, where a camera device snaps a picture, matches skin tone to the Pantone library and recommends products to suit everyone’s unique coloring. Another innovative feature is their “Virtual Artist”, which lets beauty lovers apply makeup using augmented reality and seamlessly shop the products that they try on.


Airbnb continues to push the envelope for their customers. In 2018, they added more robust search functions and “collections” that make it painless to find properties that fit specific travel needs. They also added new tiers of homes, making it easier to see what amenities are offered within a listing. Airbnb Plus launched in 2018, which includes only the highest quality listings and hosts known for great reviews, attention to detail and important amenities. Every home is visited in person for a 100+ point inspection and receives a “Plus” badge.

Forward-thinking brands like these continue to set the bar for personalized customer experiences. Whether it’s using insights and data, customer care team feedback or CSAT/DSAT survey results, listening to customers ensures better experiences and higher quality customer care with every interaction.

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