Customer Service Week – CX Team

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Customer Service Week – CX Team

Customer Service Week is celebrated globally to honor those who devote their lives to customer care. We are beyond grateful for our amazing customer service team. Without their service and support, 24-7 Intouch would not be the company it is today.

To celebrate the event, running October 7-11, we have a few interviews with our customer service professionals. Today’s interview features members of our Customer Experience team.

1) What is your top customer service memory?

When sales associates remember your name these days is a BIG deal. SurLaTable is a favorite store of mine that I shop at frequently for myself, gifts and our business. Even when new sales associates assist us I have never had anything other than a pleasant shopping experience. They are very knowledgeable, not pushy, super friendly, not cheesy and most importantly, make sure your “experience” in the store is the best. Whether they acknowledge you by name, invite you to participate in an activity/demonstration they have going on, or just sincerely thank you for shopping with SurLaTable. Honestly, I could probably buy many of these items cheaper somewhere else, BUT it is this service that keeps me coming back and referring my friends!

I love rewards! The memory that comes to mind right away is when I received a gift card after going through a bad customer experience with my bank. (Tim)

Knowing that I helped someone and they were very thankful and showed their gratitude back. (Cheryl)

Personally speaking, receiving bad customer service  – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. (Melody)

2) Why do you think customer service is important?

It adds value to a company. This is what drives customers to keep coming back and tell friends to try you out. (Neesha)

It ties so directly to how people view your brand, one negative experience can wash out a positive one very quickly. (Tim)

It reassures you that someone cares, listens to what you are saying/needing, and ensuring you are satisfied with the end result. (Cheryl)

Good customer service keeps customers happy and helps maintain a positive image of a company.  Bad customer service results in unhappy customers and can negatively impact a company’s image and their bottom line. (Melody)

3) What are your top 3 tips for the best customer service?

– Know how to listen
– Know how to apologize
– Understand customer needs (Neesha)

– Show empathy
– Treat your customers with respect
– Acknowledge their issues

– Actively listening
– Be friendly! Have a smile on your face, even if over the phone. Customers can tell.
– Have interest; show that you are wanting to help

– Actively listen to the customer; people need to know they are being heard and understood
– Demonstrate empathy towards the situation while remaining calm and objective
– Provide solutions or options to the customer and follow through on what needs to be done (Melody)

4) Where do you see customer service going in the future

I see CS not getting better unless companies slow down to put an emphasis on this with their internal team and customer base. Peoples’ lives will continue to get busier, computers will replace human jobs and businesses have to stay lean to be profitable, so this is where organizations need to instill a strong customer service and customer experience team to ensure these relationships and customer loyalties stay intact!! (Neesha)

Customer service is moving to a real-time connection with the customers who expect their issues to be resolved instantly. (Tim)

Social media will increase, less in person contact. (Cheryl)

Increasing use of social media, chat and email. (Melody)

Check back tomorrow for another interview post with our top Customer Service Representatives!

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