Dealing with Negativity on Social Channels

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Dealing with Negativity on Social Channels

Negative comments are the biggest fear for companies when considering launching a social media community. Even with an active site, many brands ignore negative posts, allowing them to fester into a snowball of complaints; creating an unsafe and unhappy environment for the rest of the members. Unfortunately, negative comments are inescapable. By not dealing with criticism head-on, communities will quickly degrade, creating further marketing disasters and demeaning the original purpose of creating the community.

Developing Your Negativity Plan

How to deal with these various forms of negativity must be outlined in your Negativity Action Plan. When creating this plan, keep the following in mind:

There is no one right method to deal with negative comments; every brand will have a different approach. By being an active participant in the conversation, you can mitigate other negative comments and sometimes even change the sentiment of the entire conversation. If your moderator displays an emphatic, friendly and consistent tone, others will follow.

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