Driving Change Beyond the Contact Center

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Driving Change Beyond the Contact Center

In the customer service world, we have a ton of data we use to navigate our operations. These metrics don’t just help measure the customer journey and build loyalty, they demonstrate the value of the contact center to your organization. This information can help educate your peers from cross-functional teams and help drive change by fixing systemic issues, or exposing new opportunities to add value for your customers.  

Insights can do a lot of powerful things to help deliver on these points. But how do we bring this information to life in a corporate environment, find the right people to take action on it, and help build some measure of importance and relevance around your customer service department?

Be a Teacher’s Pet

It’s important to tie your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help measure and drive your customer experience from the contact center to your overall corporate goals. One way of doing this is to drive the education within your organization and to help your executive and cross-functional teams truly understand what your customers are saying.

Don’t Worry, We Have a Metric For That

Many of the metrics and processes that we leverage in the contact center are to monitor, you guessed it, the contact center. They make us efficient, accurate and ensure that we’re treating customers well. Service Level, CSAT, Average Handle Time, Occupancy, on and on and on…

A huge part of driving change is having a metric or process that fits your brand while representing your customers’ point of view. The metric must measure the customers experience OUTSIDE of just the contact center. A great example is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS also works well because it is widely accepted and understood and helps in building a coalition and delivering impactful information.

How YOU Doin’?

As you can see, you and your call center metrics are a pretty big deal.  To gauge where you’re at in this journey of driving change, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are you doing today to measure and manage customer metrics beyond the contact center (such as NPS, Customer Effort, Contacts Reasons as a % of X, etc)?
  • How are these seen by leaders of cross-functional areas and your executive team compared to customer service metrics? Similar? More/less valued?
  • What sources of data are connected to enable your team to analyze the customer journey? (example in retail: ERP, OMS, CRM, shipping data, qualtrics surveys, etc)
  • What gets your Executives interested in improving the customer experience? How frequent are you engaging them? Is it a scheduled event that happens regularly or ad hoc?

The data available to you is valuable beyond the walls of your contact center.

If you take the time to use it in the right ways, it not only acts as a driving force to improve efficiency and create change within your program, but clearly demonstrates the importance and ROI as a revenue center for your company.

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