Evolving Your Experience

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Evolving Your Experience

The shift has happened, but the impact is still in progress. We all knew the widespread adoption of smart phones, devices, software and other technology would change the way people communicate with companies. However, it took awhile to get everyone on the same page before a noticeable impact could be seen. Accessibility and convenience has enabled the connected customer to have the power. Many of the same customer service rules still apply, but companies continue to adapt to customer demands.

In my opinion, this is where the most important consideration needs to be made. Yes, the customer has certain preferences they want met, but what companies need to deliver is an EXPERIENCE. According to a survey conducted by Walker Business Consultants, the focus on the experience of a product/service will have an upward trend over the next 7 years, whereas prices will have an opposite effect.

To be able to deliver an experience that will constantly evolve to engage customers, companies need to maintain flexibility. As a company, how are you progressing? Below are some key areas to consider when expanding your support strategy:

  • Global Reach: Think about how you can broaden your audience through expanded language support and other cost effective solutions. How will you incorporate a global strategy to meet your customers’ needs worldwide?
  • Community Engagement: You’ve added a multichannel support strategy; now consider how you’re leveraging these channels to build a true customer community that encourages loyalty. How are you setting yourself up today to achieve this?
  • Actionable Insights: Consider the amount of data that is available to you. You have reports, dashboards, surveys, social monitoring, etc. As the amount of data grows, how are you aggregating it all to make both quick operational and long-term strategic decisions?
  • Cultural Transparency: Your company is being represented across multiple channels to a greater audience of customers. How are you demonstrating a consistent brand experience across all of your communication channels, which require different communication styles and delivery?

Members of the 24-7 Intouch team will be attending this year’s 40th SOCAP Annual event from October 27-30 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Key subject matter and keynotes relate to some of the ideas just discussed. The future of customer engagement will be further explored, and 24-7 Intouch will be sharing ideas on how businesses can evolve their support strategy by rethinking outsourcing. Join them and other leaders in the SOCAP community to share insight around customer care.

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