Four Tips To Becoming A Superhero Leader

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Becoming a leader

Four Tips To Becoming A Superhero Leader

On any given day of the year, a quick Google search will bring up a dozen newly published articles on how to develop leadership qualities within yourself and others. These articles will try to inspire you to wake up at 5 am to watch the sunrise while meditating, or drink multiple glasses of cold water with lemon and cucumber before and after every meal. But here’s what those articles miss – becoming a truly exceptional leader isn’t about changing your habits. It’s about developing leadership in others, or as we like to call it in our 10 Things“Batman Had Robin, Holmes Had Watson”.

So what does this 10 Thing mean to us? To progress in your own career, you need to make sure that someone else can fill the position you currently hold. If you get a promotion, who’s going to take your place? If you suddenly win the lottery, could you immediately take off, or would you have to train someone to take on your position? By mentoring your Robin, you can ensure a smooth transition to a higher position. It also means that you have a Batman that will vouch for you and help you get to that higher position. Your Batman will be developing your leadership skills and you’ll be practicing those skills by mentoring your Robin.

So, ready to train your Robin? Here are four tips to help them be the best that they can be:

1) Make Them Learn and Unlearn
One of the most important keys to success in life is being curious about the world and developing the desire to constantly learn new things. As a Batman, make sure to give your Robins tasks that require them to apply new skills and try new techniques. The same methods won’t always work, so by encouraging a love and enjoyment of learning, they can problem solve more effectively and continue to grow their skillset.

2) Get Them to Make Tough Decisions
Fostering strong decision making skills is crucial when mentoring your Robins. You can talk all day about the qualities a strong leader possesses, but it’s more effective to put your Robins to the test so they can actually begin practicing their skills. By putting them in situations in which they make important decisions, they can understand the process of give-and-take situations they may face in the workplace.

3) Show Them That Success is More Than Just Making Money
Work shouldn’t be about the bottom line. It should be about empowering the team to be excited every day and ready to do their best. Make sure to talk to your Robins about the importance of being passionate about what they do. Their purpose shouldn’t be tied to money, but working together as a team to accomplish the greater goal.

4) Be Their Superhero
Lastly, if you talk the talk, you better walk the walk. Being a good example is the most effective way to mentor your Robins. That means always being aware that you are being watched by people who look up to you. Don’t take shortcuts and own up to your mistakes to be the person you want others to see you as.

Inspiring leadership and mentoring Robins is by no means easy. But with these four steps, everyone will be closer to saving the day, one problem at a time.

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