Gamification in Contact Centers

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Gamification in Contact Centers

If you have ever played a video game you probably have a pretty good idea of how engaging they can be. They encourage you to succeed by establishing and achieving goals and rewards, such as unlocking new stages or levels. They also create fun and exciting competition with your peers.

So, how can contact centers employ these features to motivate their agents and keep them engaged? It’s called gamification, and it taps into people’s fundamental desire for competition, collaboration and status through rewards, badges or points, turning work into game-like interactions to stimulate employee engagement. By implementing challenges, contests and achievements in the workplace, employers can encourage their agents to meet their goals, compete to win and become more passionate in their jobs.

For example, instead of a traditional training session for new hires, a company may break down their orientation process into levels or stages, giving employees the chance to earn badges or acknowledgements for completing each stage. By setting benchmarks and stages to progress through, organizations can significantly reduce orientation and training time for new employees. Other examples can include rewarding agents with badges for completing customer service interactions or resolving cases in a certain amount of time.

Badges earned by more senior employees serve as an indicator of expertise within the company, highlighting the more experienced employees that new staff may turn to for questions or advice on new accounts.

On the management side, gamification enables supervisors and team leads to measure employee progress and their level of commitment while reducing overall turnover. Additionally, employees who progress through the stages gain more skills through increased customer touchpoints and help set themselves up on a career path within their organizations.

By recognizing top performers, employees will naturally engage in friendly competition – everyone likes to win! And companies are taking notice; according to a study by Gartner, by the end of this year more than 40 percent of Global 1000 organizations will be using gamification as part of their business operations.

From recognition for agents, to a reduction in staff turnover and an increase in positive customer experiences, gamification can deliver measurable value to contact centers across all industries.

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