Happiness is an Attitude – The Importance of a Smile

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Happiness is an Attitude – The Importance of a Smile

Another one of our 10 Things is ‘Happiness is an Attitude’. This principle is extremely important, yet very simple to achieve. Using this idea to help foster positivity within a company’s human resources team helps to create and maintain employee happiness.

It’s human nature that we want to be around happy people who make us feel good. The average employee spends about 90 000 hours at work in their lifetime. The impact our attitude has on one another is exponential! That’s why we work hard to create working environments that are supportive, approachable and that foster relationships. Happiness is an attitude, but it is also an action. No one wakes up happy every single day, but if you commit yourself to the cause it won’t be long before you feel great.

Happiness is also a core part of our CSR training. We teach our agents to smile when speaking to customers because we truly believe you can hear a smile through the phone. Smiling and conducting a conversation with a positive attitude changes the energy of every interaction. We have nearly one million interactions per day with customers, and it’s rare they are reaching out because everything is going their way. When dealing with unsatisfied customers it’s tough to not take things to heart. If you can smile through it all and stay positive in the most difficult situations, your experience at work is sure to be more pleasant and gratifying. Happiness equals approachability, which is extremely important when trying to reconcile an issue with a customer.

As leaders in an organization, it’s important to make demonstrating a happy attitude a daily priority. A happy attitude is infectious to the people around you and helps them get excited about coming to work. When you love what you do, and who you do it with, all aspects of a job become more enjoyable. Whether it’s spending five minutes in the morning asking how your team’s weekend was, or flashing someone a smile ‘just because’, happiness is an important part of our culture at 24-7 Intouch.

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