Happy Hunting!

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Happy Hunting!

It’s (head)hunting season! While many of us will be out this weekend hunting for eggs, statistics show that with most organizations, spring is peak hiring season; In some industries, hiring in April, May and June proceeds at double the pace of December! Recruiting is not for the faint of heart, especially in the contact center industry, which has notoriously high turnover rates.
Finding the right candidates for a job is a feat in itself, but if you’re looking to help someone start a career, there are additional challenges. Here are 3 things you can incorporate into your recruiting practices to make sure you find those “good eggs”.

Meet ‘Em Halfway

Actually, meet them all the way. Go to places where your candidates are and show them your postings: don’t wait to get noticed. If the types of candidates you’re looking for can be described as social media users, chances are they’re going to see your ads on that medium. This includes platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If you’re recruiting for a corporate position, your candidate is almost sure to be on LinkedIn– and probably job searching there too. Facebook is a particularly friendly host for job postings on your company page, but the real magic happens with targeted advertising. Facebook helps you feature your ad to a targeted audience for increased visibility and response rate. For example, if you’re looking for Spanish-speaking agents in a particular geography, within a certain age range, you can target those prospects using this method. Why not try a creative snapchat geofilter? Not only will you reach your target audience, but you’ll indirectly prove you’re innovative and build up your “cool” factor.

For the truly innovative, try targeting your candidates via SMS. As you collect information and track the progress of job applications, a unique way to remind your prospects that you’re interested in them is through text message. By leveraging your database, holding all your applicants’ information, you can zero in on groups of people by using specific parameters (i.e. CSR applicants in the Denver area). In your message, issue a call-to-action to jump start the application process and increase your chances of finding the candidate of your dreams.

Make It Easy and Talk the Talk

Make your application process as easy as possible to navigate. On the job posting itself, have a form where your prospects can apply or have a link that they can click-through to get to the application. In doing this, make sure your branding is tight. The general look and feel to the job posting should look similar to the application. This will prevent confusion or problems with navigation for those engaged in this process.

Language is important here, especially if you’re recruiting for a particularly selective client. If you’re recruiting for a cool music streaming service, for example, try to find ways to exude the brand with the general messaging not just with a bullet that says “interests include music”. This will have a much bigger impact and likely further engage your candidate. Plus, it’s an opportunity to showcase your company’s culture, not just your client’s.

Tap Your Own Market, Use Your Good Eggs

Incentives are a great motivator. If you don’t have one already, create a referral program for your team members to incentivize them to bring in like-minded people. The onus will be on your “good eggs” to bring in a performer and their reputations will be at risk, based on who they recommended. Make sure you set a tenure benchmark for each referral. You wouldn’t want to be dishing out rewards to employees whose referral treats the opportunity as a revolving door. Cash bonuses are always a great reward, but you can always get more creative with tickets to a game or concert. Offering gift cards (especially those redeemable with the client you’re recruiting for!) or gym memberships are other cash-alternatives you can offer. Time-off or guaranteed vacation dates can also be effective incentives.

Your incentive program will come in handy when you’re ramping for seasonal hiring. A third-party endorsement from a current team member will expedite the hiring process, relieving your team one referral at a time.

Recruiting isn’t easy, but with these simple yet strategic methods, it might not be so tough. Prospects will love the ease and convenience of applying for the jobs you need to fill, and your current team members will be eager to help with the right incentives. Happy hunting, everyone!

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