Here’s my number. So text me, maybe.

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Here’s my number. So text me, maybe.

Consumer habits are changing, and meeting their expectations for the way they prefer to be communicated to is imperative for success. The ability to connect anytime, anywhere and to provide a service that meets this need is a game changer. Text messaging solutions allow companies to do just that.

According to a study by HeyWire Business, three-quarters of consumers said they would rather text with a customer support agent than through social media. This demonstrates that while social media is typically used for venting frustration in customer service, consumers want a more personal, flexible response. Not to mention, it’s a lot more efficient and cost-effective for brands as well.

Simple requests, such as product reorders, password resets, and shipment tracking are all activities that can be handled quickly, without needing to speak to a customer service representative. SMS solutions also allow for agents to handle multiple text interactions all on one screen. This helps by increasing agent capacity, making multitasking easier and more efficient, which ultimately leads to reduced costs. Finally, SMS messaging makes it easy to view and access the history of each conversation, which helps to personalize the customer experience and tailor the conversation to create a loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

Allowing customers to text your contact center is a start, but integrating their personal data to craft a personalized experience via SMS message is next level service. Here are some ways different industries are incorporating text messaging:


To deliver better customer experiences to global online and mobile shoppers, retailers can use SMS notifications to help shoppers stay up to date on shipping confirmations, updates, tracking information, and delivery alerts. Simple notifications like, “Your package will be delivered today. Expected time: 2:00pm Local,”  will allow retailers to see a significant increase in positive customer experiences and positive brand image with enhanced visibility to orders and products. Another way retailers can also increase loyalty and new customer acquisition is by texting coupons, program rewards and sale notifications to consumers while they shop in store or as they roll-out to the public.


To quickly deliver information in a highly responsive way, hotels can integrate SMS to deliver welcome notifications to guests 24 hours prior to their check-in. These messages can also include information regarding sightseeing options, real-time weather, resort contact details, and more. Guests can also send text messages such as, “Please give me the resort address for my Lyft Driver,” and will promptly receive a message back with the correct information. The benefits of incorporating an SMS solution into this industry include an improvement in average response rate, and overall awareness and guest experience. Also, who doesn’t want to never have to carry printouts of contact and hotel information again while travelling?

Consumer Packaged Goods

Food and Beverage companies can ensure product quality and fast resolution of issues by allowing their customers to text photos of the products they are experiencing issues with for immediate feedback. Brands can gain better insights into how best to solve issues and if it is a wider spread quality problem. If it is a quality problem and a product recall notification needs to be communicated, this can also be done through outbound SMS messaging as well to ensure communication is widespread.

Brands that implement a text messaging solution are sure to demonstrate a commitment to understanding their customer’s growing needs and technology demands, all while reducing costs, driving loyalty, and staying ahead of their competition.


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