Inspiration Needs Execution

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Inspiration Needs Execution
“To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.”
– Steve Jobs

We encourage our teams and partners to push the status quo everyday with new ideas. Equally as important, for our business, is the ability to develop a plan and a team to execute on inspiration. Our goal is to bring great ideas to life through a clear vision, the right people to help, and proper assessment of success.

Here are our three phases of execution:

Vision – The status quo is not our friend, but it’s not our enemy either. The idea that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, doesn’t always hold true with the changing customer service landscape. Using technology and process to stay flexible and innovative is the only way to keep up.

The right people in the right roles – Executing a plan isn’t a solo effort. It requires the right team to get the job done. Breaking your vision into tasks will allow you to pull the right people together, align the vision, then divide and conquer.

Success – Every project is different, so they need to be measured differently. Teams often start projects without alignment on what success will look like. Whether it be timeline, budget, customer satisfaction, or any other factor, we always start with the end in mind.

We love to win. We love winning with our customers, people and partners which is why we are laser focused on all aspects of executing innovative ideas. Our leaders have to recognize strengths and weaknesses of teams to get them across the finish line, because after all, Inspiration is the easy part, the work is in the execution.

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