Interconnecting with Intranets

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Interconnecting with Intranets

In today’s world, and especially in the customer care industry, companies are spanning their operations across multiple countries, languages and time zones. This can cause some challenges, especially around internal communications. So, how does a global brand communicate seamlessly to all team members as one entity? Intranets. They break down barriers and enable sharing on a new level. We’ve listed out the main reasons how an intranet can help streamline internal communication for any growing or global company.

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Customer Centric Knowledge Base
When it comes to customer care, intranets can help connect organizations as a whole with customer centric information. By creating a robust knowledge base with industry-related content, leadership tips and best practices, front-line employees are supported and given effective tools for providing remarkable customer care.

Put a Face to a Name
One major communication issue that global companies face is disconnected teams that don’t know each other. Even though getting to know someone face to face is always ideal, it’s just not a reality in today’s modern workplace. An organization can bring their team members closer together by including searchable profiles on their intranet, highlighting a picture, full name, position, department and location (at the very least).

Top Down Communication
A common issue for global brands is a perception that head office events and updates are highlighted more within internal communications, or that headquarters is privy to information that other teams aren’t. An intranet is the perfect way for teams across the world to have access to the exact same information at the exact same time. It’s also an opportunity for international teams to showcase what they’re up to, just as much as head office.

Information Overload
Many organizations and their employees are drowning in emails, resulting in major information overload or lost communications. A constantly full email inbox is not only a source of frustration, but also drains productivity and efficiency. Posting information that would normally be sent in a mass email still reaches the right people, while keeping the information centralized. Having an organized structure for content and easy search functions means information is always at everyone’s fingertips.

Employee Feedback
Intranets have valuable features such as comments, surveys, feedback forms and user analytics. These tools give insights that can otherwise be hard to gather. For example, you can gauge which content is resonating the most (or the least) with certain departments, locations or positions. You can also see who is engaging and who needs a nudge to engage more. Using surveys allows feedback from the organization as a whole, or targeted ones can give insights within certain internal demographics. These insights can help to make strategic decisions and changes within the company.

Employee Recognition
Did you know that 82% of employees think it’s better to give someone recognition rather than a gift? Using an intranet to give kudos not only provides recognition, but it provides global recognition. Many employees remain disengaged because they don’t feel appreciated. Recognition increases productivity, motivation, job satisfaction and decreases negative effects such as absenteeism and stress.

When it comes to managing a global workforce, challenges exist. However, the benefits of having team members located around the world who offer diverse perspectives and viewpoints offset any of these challenges. A fully-featured intranet helps to create a connected workforce that works just as well across great distances as working within the same building. If employees feel connected and informed, performance and engagement improves, which ultimately positively impacts the customer experience.

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