Key Areas for Evaluating Contact Centers

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Key Areas for Evaluating Contact Centers

Determining which contact center to partner with can be a difficult process, especially if it is your first time outsourcing. With multiple partners to choose from, what criteria should you use to determine a good fit for your company, your program, and your needs?

Three areas to consider when evaluating your potential partners are innovation, people, and operations.


New trends and advancements are constantly appearing in the contact center industry. It’s important to have a partner that invests in these areas to ensure your program is staying as efficient as possible.

Technology: Investments in technology will make a big impact on your core KPIs. Take into account:

  • How they route calls to the appropriate agents
  • What steps they have taken to ensure up time
  • Their agent interface. Can be optimized for your program to quickly retrieve information and capture customer details?

Customer Experience: Understand if the outsourcer is focussed on continually enhancing the customer experience. Verify that your outsourcer not only collects your customer data, but can use it to improve process, performance, and overall end-user experience.


Team Member Selection & Training: Agents require training on your program to accurately represent your brand. Verify that the selection and training process will ensure that each agent will be successful at their job.

Employee Engagement: How do they continue to motivate and delight employees? It’s clear that agent satisfaction and engagement leads to higher retention. In this spirit, your partner should be prepared to keep your team engaged.

Cultural Alignment: The partnership should feel like an extension of your existing team, working together to meet your customers’ needs. Does the partner’s goals and values align with your’s? This is vital for success.


Reporting: Are they able to generate reports outside of standard measurement that will make your program more successful? This information is important in proving ROI in the contact center and being able to show its impact on other departments in your company.

Scalability: How are they going handle your program as volume increases? If your program is expected to expand over time, ensure that your partner can grow with you. Switching partners is expensive, once it is operational, it’s easier to expand than restart.

Selecting the right partner should not be a snap decision. They are the first point of contact for your customers and will be an extension of your brand. Take the time to ensure your contact center partner is the right one for you.

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