Learn, Unlearn

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Learn, Unlearn

We often use the philosophy “Learn, Unlearn” to ensure we are delivering the highest quality in every aspect of our business. Immersing ourselves in the unique culture of our clients is an important part of what we do at 24-7 Intouch. We know that brand and culture alignment is especially important during our initial implementation and training process.

With every new client, we start with a blank slate as to what their expectations are. We sit down together and learn everything there is to know about their business, as well as share our expertise in order to come up with the best training plan possible. By the end of the planning process, we have fully absorbed the important elements of the client’s culture and brand. It’s what makes us different and successful.

Here is where the “Learn, Unlearn” comes in. Obviously every company’s culture and brand voice is completely different from one another. In order to create a unique experience for every client, we must completely unlearn what we have developed for the previous client. We customize a new solution for every brand that joins our family. So we unlearn, then learn again. This is a process we are continually perfecting, and a mantra that we remember whenever meeting with a new account.

As much as it is important for us to “Learn, Unlearn”, it is also important to hang on to certain elements and strategies we have created along the way that may be beneficial for new brands. We have had the opportunity to learn so many great best practices while working with our clients, and each experience has challenged us to evolve and improve. We are always excited to share our knowledge with our clients to help them improve their operations and set them up for success.  

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