Make The Little Things Matter

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Make The Little Things Matter

Every company wants a happy, engaged workforce and there are numerous studies and research that validate the benefits in terms of retention, experience and overall job satisfaction. Fully committing to an engaged culture with employee experience as a core value and purpose requires relentless effort and focus.

When you sit down and think about all the elements that go into creating an amazing employee experience it can be overwhelming and paralyze some companies to the point where they never truly get started. As you look at your “grand” plan, concurrently start on some of the “small” stuff. Don’t be afraid to pilot, get feedback, listen and you may be surprised at what truly inspires your workforce before working it into your overall strategy. In our experience, consistent and creative small stuff has had far more of an impact than we had expected.

My advice is to just get started. It was far more important that we took our first steps than how or where we chose to take them. We also found that we could really crank up the cadence of our activity and the subsequent volume of our outputs by allowing ourselves to think small and then take action. It can be as simple as that.

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