Best Practices in Multichannel Customer Care – Part 2

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Best Practices in Multichannel Customer Care – Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 in the series from our Operations Team that focused on training, quality, and developing a focus when dealing with multichannel connected customers. Here are two more of their top service tips.

1) There are approximately 1.08 billion smartphones active in the world today (Smart Insights). Many are using their smartphones to make purchases and interact with brands, leading many of these brands to make mobile a top priority in their customer care strategies. One issue in particular getting a lot of attention is the proper development of company mobile sites. Mobile sites can often be frustrating for consumers if they aren’t designed correctly. Mobile sites should be tested from various devices; what works great on an iPhone might work horribly on an Android device.

2) Stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with new technological advancements. Adopt and test new formats and become experts in each preferred choice of communication.

1) Keep all of your employees on the same page by updating them on the most current online and in store experiences, product changes, recalls, etc. Review common questions and complaints that come up and how they should be answered, specific to each channel. It is also important to be transparent, if directed, in customer interactions. Perhaps they don’t know about a particular update or product that has recently been released. They may discover they prefer a new option to an old one they were accustomed to.

2) Provide seamless and integrated communication across all channels, allowing for a consistent consumer experience, regardless of the contact type. This will eliminate having to re-hash the consumer’s issue from one contact type to the next. Quality should be performed with the same effort and time over each channel and be similar in its elements to ensure a solid benchmark of account performance, as well as a consistent consumer experience.

3) Be transparent with the brands you work with. Communicate and clearly explain channel specific metrics. For example, response time/service level are critical issues for phone, but can be extended for email, or understanding that it is not always best to have the same CSR’s handling a combination of channels.

Article Contributors: Jim Lambros, Shauna Upshaw, Moe Nyokong, Sam King, Floyd Hamill, Terril Chessell, and Steve Muise.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Best Practices in Multichannel Customer Care – coming soon to Rethink Outsourcing.

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