The Importance of Meaningful Connections

In our webinar, “Make Your Online Connections Count,” panelists Lawrence Solis from LivePerson and Maya Kotecha from Social Herd, spoke on how to create meaningful connections in their respective fields. Lawrence explored the controlled realm of live chat, while Maya, the uncontrolled social media space. Although live chat and social media are different platforms used to engage customers, similar steps ... Read More

Concentrate on the Customer Experience: How Sephora Uses Social & Developing Your own Strategy

If you missed Part One in this series click here to read it first! Now that you know the importance of social media brand integration, an overview of incorporating e-commerce, and a few of the benefits you could gain from it, the next step is to learn what others are doing and how to tweak that to suit your own needs. Keep ... Read More

Consistency is Key: Promote Dialogue and E-Commerce Purchasing on Social Sites

Social media marketing can seem overwhelming. When you start out it can feel like no one is listening, then once it picks up there aren’t enough hours in the day to respond to everyone on every channel. Not only is it difficult to measure its metrics and ROI, but with all of the options out there it can be hard ... Read More

Contact Center Slang – You Said What? – Part 3

After attending two fantastic events last month, Frost & Sullivan Customer Contact East and SOCAP (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals) it was very apparent that online chat, while the buzz three or four years ago, is now getting budget for implementation. As the third installment of my Contact Center Slang series, here is a list of 10 commonly used chat ... Read More

Live Chat Integration – Part 1

Consumers lead increasingly busier lives with each passing year. Between work, meetings, family, friends, hobbies and socializing (if we’re lucky), balance often seems difficult to maintain. Due to this time constraint, shoppers are utilizing channels that fit into their schedules in the most convenient way possible. In addition to convenience, perception also impacts which channel a customer chooses to reach ... Read More

Contact Center Slang – You Said What? – Part 2

I recently returned back to work from the Astute Solutions 2012 Customer Conference. After spending a few days with industry experts, I felt it was time to write the second installment of Contact Center Slang. Here is a list of 10 Commonly Used CRM Slang Words – so you can decipher the code. CRM – Customer Relationship Management This is the tool that your agents use ... Read More

Astute Solutions 2012 Customer Conference

Last month, along with other members of the 24-7 Intouch team, I attended the Astute Solutions 2012 Customer Conference in San Diego. For the third year in a row, we have participated in the conference and as expected, left with valuable new information and industry insight. During the conference, Matt Cockell, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, discussed the ... Read More

“You Said What?” – Contact Center Slang

Ever had the pleasure (horror more like) of listening in on your network administration team have a conversation about how the contact center actually works? There is an entirely new language and it can be intimidating if you don’t have some of the basics down. Here is a list of 10 commonly used contact center slang words – so you can decipher ... Read More

You Responded, But Did You Answer the Question?

In a discussion with Martha Brooke, Program Director and Founder of Interaction Metrics, we talked about the importance of providing consistent and transparent communication to the customer. This means not just replying to customers, but giving them the answers they are looking for. We share the same best practices as Interaction Metrics and look forward to collaborating with them on more Total Answer ... Read More

Viva La Revolution!

As we move into 2012, everyone seems to be in agreement that a significant shift in consumer expectations and buying habits is occurring, and retailers and marketers alike are scrambling to keep up. Integration of multi channel strategies, and more specifically Social integration, has become imperative as customers develop more sophisticated needs.  Trends in technology and social media have created a ... Read More