Setting Agents Up For Success

Part of providing consistent customer service is having the right people. Once you have them, you have to provide them with the right tools and knowledge to succeed. In the post below, 24-7 Intouch’s National Training Manager, Karen Peterman has outlined her best practices for successful agent training. Our goal during agent training is to mirror real world experience for our students ... Read More

We Have Choice

Seth Godin always has a way to concisely share insight while making you question your thought process. Well, I know this is the case for me. I came across his blog post about “choice”. The one quote that really made me think was, “Remarkable work often comes from making choices when everyone else feels as though there is no choice.”  ... Read More

Social Media Monitoring VS Moderation

These two words monitoring and moderation are sometimes used interchangeably and to someone new to social media management, they may be confusing. Here is a quick definition. Social media moderation refers to user generated content and community management. To moderate involves listening, escalating and responding to content on company owned and controlled social sites, such as a community forum, news ... Read More

The Contact Center Formula

Susan Sever, from Astute Solutions, posted a really interesting article on her blog about the perfect formula for a contact center. Sever discusses what managers need to measure and the importance  of empowering agents. She describes this combination as TLC + KPI = ROI. When agents are given the right information, they are better able to understand customers and provide them with the answers they ... Read More

Real Live Chat

I read an article this morning by Brian Cantor, a contributor for Customer Management IQ, who posed the question, “Why Bother Having a Live Customer Service Rep?” Cantor discusses the importance of integrating live chat as a multi-channel communication strategy and having the right people behind it.  Many people choose chat as their preferred method of communicating, so it is important for brands provide them with ... Read More

How Many Clicks Does Your Phone Call Take?

Ever sit at work, and think about the things you do on a daily basis? Take an email for example. Open email – Click Reply – Click Invest Time to write response Send Response – Click Close Email – Click Assign to a Folder/Label – Click Archive/Delete – Click Obviously this is an oversimplification of the process, but even removing one step can reduce the work load. ... Read More

Customer Service is the New Marketing

In an interview with ZDNet, Get Satisfaction CEO Wendy Lea discusses the importance of online social engagement and how customer service has changed. In this article, written by Andrew Nusca, Lea warns brands that to really converse with customers they first need to find out what they are already saying about them. She states, “All companies are trying to figure out where their customers ... Read More

How To Improve Multi-Channel Customer Support

I recently read this article by Zack Urlocker for CRN. He outlines the customer service value of multiple channels, and how they must be managed to maximize their potential. We know that customers are now communicating with their brands through multiple channels, but managing these channels is the next step. He writes, “There is a new customer support landscape, and it requires some ... Read More

Chat and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Social Media today, is what chat was in the past: an emerging new channel.  Today, some of us have figured out our chat channel and those who have, are already one step ahead of the game in figuring out their social media channel. But what if we haven’t embarked on the journey of chat? I was reading about two new ... Read More

Three Weeks Until Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday continues to gain momentum each year, although still considered a “little cousin” to Black Friday. According to Shoppertalk, in 2010, Black Friday sales grew only 0.3% while Cyber Monday saw a 20% increase. With online shoppers looking to skip the lines and get the best deals, Cyber Monday can be a boon or bust for online retailers based on ... Read More