“The Medium is the Message” – Marshall McLuhan

It continues to amaze me how this notion still holds true in today’s age of ‘social’. Conceptualized and written in the 1960’s, McLuhan truly captured the essence of how technology impacts the way messages are communicated and received. Engines such as Twitter and Facebook are dictating the way we communicate. Less words, more impact. Through these social media outlets, our ... Read More

How to Get Creative with QR Codes

Have you noticed these funny bar codes on ads and mail pieces A LOT lately? I was driving behind one on a bus this morning and wasn’t sure how safe it was to scan it while driving! QR codes seem to be gaining more and more popularity in mainstream, traditional [belated] marketing. Regardless of how long the life span is ... Read More

You don’t have to always listen to your customers….

Well that’s not true, but according to a guest blogger for 1to1 Media, you just have to be more strategic about how you do it. Temkin Group‘s Bruce Temkin, wrote an article based on a statement which former Apple CEO, Steve Job’s said, “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By ... Read More

Sharing Company Strategies

Strategic decisions rest—and rightly so—on the shoulders of a company’s senior leadership team. While such decisions can be difficult luckyteam.info to make even at the best of times, effectively communicating them to the rest of the organization and ensuring they are welcomed by the masses can be an equally difficult task. Here are a few recommendations for consideration when cheap jerseys sharing company plans with ... Read More