SOCAP Canada Event: Improving the Customer Experience

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SOCAP Canada Event: Improving the Customer Experience

WINNIPEG, Manitoba. Sept. 5, 2012 – 24-7 Intouch’s Chris Wallace, Vice President of Sales, Dedicated Solutions, will be chairing the SOCAP Canada 2012 Community Event: Improving the Customer Experience. The event takes place Wednesday, September 12 in Mississauga, Ontario, at the ThinkFOOD! Facility at Maple Leaf Foods.

Keynote speakers include Bruce Philp, Brand Strategist, and Celine Dumais, Vice President of Consumer Care at L’Oreal USA who will expand on the topic of mastering the post-digital marketplace. Neal Dlin, from Spin Master, Ltd., and Colleen Hebel from Maple Leaf Foods, will serve as panelists and discuss the influence that customers and brands have on each other. 24-7 Intouch and Social Herd, along with Maple Leaf Foods and Unilever, are sponsoring the event.

Wallace, who serves as Chair and President of the SOCAP Canada Community, stated, “Everyone in the SOCAP Canada Community is looking forward to our 3rd annual event. We are excited to be joined by expert thought leaders, from a variety of industries, ready to share how customer engagement strategies are changing and how to use communication and technology to create a better consumer centric experience.”

A special hands-on workshop at the ThinkFOOD! Facility at Maple Leaf Foods is available to the first 20 registrants.

For more information and to register please visit SOCAP International’s Canada Community Website.

About 24-7 Intouch

24-7 Intouch is a leading contact center outsourcing company that delivers innovative and value-driven outsourcing solutions via voice, live chat, e-mail and social media, across all industry segments.  Using the most advanced technology in the industry and Certified Sales and Customer Service Representatives, the multichannel approach taken by 24-7 Intouch addresses both long and short-term goals to reduce costs, increase incremental revenue and deliver lifetime customer loyalty.  The 24-7 Intouch teams are brand specialists, representing their client’s brand, culture and employees in each business partnership.

About SOCAP International’s Canada Community

SOCAP’s Canada Community provides educational resources and training with a special emphasis on distinctly Canadian consumer practices. The SOCAP Canada Community is an excellent opportunity for members to network directly with Canada’s top leaders in customer care. Resources for this community will be delivered mostly in English and, when possible, in French.

For SOCAP members who live in Canada or work closely with Canadian consumers, it is absolutely vital to focus on the market trends, customer expectations and diverse demographics that are unique to Canadians.

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