Put The “Custom” In Customer Service: Connect & Select

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Put The “Custom” In Customer Service: Connect & Select

When we think of a customer, we often think of the purchaser or end user of a product or service. However, In the contact center world, there is another important customer group to consider: the brands we work with!

Partnering with a contact center is a big commitment, with a lot of trust involved. So, how can a contact center company ensure they are providing exceptional service to their client partners and their customers? The answer is simple: through  CUSTOMIZATION.

No matter how you try to spin it, customer service is NOT one size fits all. Every brand is different and every brand’s customers have different needs and concerns. Creating customized options for brand partners results in improved client satisfaction.



Communication is the key to any successful relationship. This doesn’t mean communicating only if things go wrong or only if things are going well, it means a steady, agreed upon communication pattern. Transparency and frequent communication are critical in building solid, long-term relationships between brands and contact center providers.

Creating a communication plan should be one of the first action items with a new partnership, and will set the tone for the entire relationship moving forwards. Some key considerations when discussing communication include:

  • Platform: What’s the preferred communication method?
  • Frequency: How often should communication take place?
  • Content: What information should be discussed?

From daily emailed reports to quarterly business reviews, a custom communication plan is crucial in maintaining a healthy client/provider relationship. Based on the needs of a brand, real-time communication tools can also be leveraged to stay in touch on a daily basis. This communication helps build the relationships between formal meetings.

Prepare To Impress

Communication can be for more than just metrics and progress. It can also include suggestions on workflow improvements, new contact channel opportunities, operational improvements for efficiency, and consumer self-service opportunities, to name a few examples.


A robust hiring process can help align contact center agents with the brand they will be servicing. Every recruiting profile should be customized based on the distinct characteristics of the brand program. This ensures that we are hiring for the perfect brand alignment.

How Can We Evaluate This Alignment? It’s a multi-step process. 

  1. Candidate Sourcing – Recruiting is no joke! From career fairs to social media, recruiting teams must take the time to ensure the approach to sourcing candidates is suitable for the programs they are hiring for. One of our favorite ways to recruit is through our referral rewards program, empowering our teams to refer their friends to join our team.
  2. Skill Assessment – An interview only tells you so much: it’s important to also test candidates for the skills they will be using as a customer service representative.
  3. Culture Simulation Interview – This is where the magic really happens! The simulation tests brand and candidate cohesion, and ensures we hire the best ambassadors for our partners’ brand and culture.
It’s All About The Experience 

Utilizing Employee Experience and Human Resource departments is crucial for  evaluating and improving the hiring process. This can be done by surveying team members and understanding drivers that brought them to the job, what they liked/disliked about the process itself, and the initial impressions they had when coming onboard the team.

Get Creative

When recruiting for a large athletics apparel brand, we developed a specialized recruiting profile to hire 344 agents within nine weeks. We were creative and leveraged unique recruiting strategies, including a hiring party with games and prizes, hiring bonuses, and targeted ads on TV and radio.


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