Put The “Custom” In Customer Service: Enhance & Share

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Custom Contact Center Solutions

Put The “Custom” In Customer Service: Enhance & Share

In our most recent blog post, we discussed the importance of customization when it comes to communicating with client partners and recruiting and hiring for dedicated programs. To dive deeper into customization capabilities, we’ve outlined the final two stages: training and reporting.


We care about our brands, and want to provide the highest quality customer service possible for their customers. How can this be achieved? Through customized, immersive training environments that are built with the specific brand in mind. This helps agents understand not only how to do their job, but also how to become experts in the culture and products of the brand they service.

To become experts in the brand itself as well as the training process, dedicated program trainers receive customized training certifications as well as classroom training to get them up to speed on how to deliver training to new employees. These trainers also visit the brand’s headquarters to absorb training delivery methods and culture to bring back to their own classrooms.


Not Your Average Classroom

Once trainers have become subject matter experts, they facilitate classroom learning for new hires. With help from brand partners, new hires gain exposure to the company culture, brand voice, and preferred way of engaging customers. The more collaboration with brand partners, the better. Incorporating client-specific training materials and activities into our training program is how we develop true brand ambassadors with our agents.

Training Considerations Should Include: 
  • Real-Life Scenarios: Bringing customer experiences and client perspectives to life by incorporating real-life scenarios into training.
  • Product Interaction: Bringing clients’ products into the classroom to reinforce learning concepts.
  • Immersive Training Environments: Learning environments set the tone for each program and help develop cultural alignment for team members on each unique account.
Immersive Training

Branded innovative work spaces help complement the training curriculum, along with team building activities. For many retail brands, this includes product displays and store fronts. When teams feel more connected to the brand through this immersive training, they act as front line brand ambassadors with every interaction.  

Who Says Learning Can’t Be Fun?

We partnered with a large beauty retailer and created a customized training program for their dedicated agents. These agents are provided with brand training up to four times per week, and become experts on all of the brand’s product offerings. The space these agents work in is customized into a beauty studio and lounge area, where agents can sample products and feel a connection to the brand. They also earn rewards that enable them to purchase full size brand products at our on-campus store. These brand advocates become experts and leverage this brand immersion when they connect with the brand’s customers. By focusing on our team members’ experience , we improve results from a retention and employee engagement perspective, while also driving core contact center metrics such as CSAT, AHT, and attendance.


Creating and sharing reports goes hand in hand with communication. Using preferred communication methods, client partners can be updated with reports of their choosing. In order to determine what exactly should go into the custom report, consider the following:

  • Goals: Before beginning the reporting process, establishing goals to work towards in terms of reporting results can help set the tone for both service provider and brand partner.
  • Type: Determine what the most important metrics are that tell the full story. Our customized reporting solutions help illustrate the story in more detail.
  • Monitor: Evaluate the program goals previously established through regular reporting and calibration sessions.
  • Delivery: How should the reports be communicated? Options considered may include regular interval push reports, online dashboards, monthly reports/reviews to see overall trends, daily touchpoints, and more.
  • Real-Time: Is there a desire for real-time data views and where should this information be available for access?

Custom reports in our online reporting suite can showcase whichever key metrics are desired, including:

  • Average Handle Time
  • Average Talk Time
  • Interactions per Labor Hour
  • Quality Score
  • First Contact Resolution
  • Customer Satisfaction
Reporting For Duty 

With one of our retail programs, we designed a custom reporting function that systematically ties customer satisfaction to specific IVR dispositions. This allows for more targeted coaching at the agent level to improve the overall service delivery. For example, if “Accessories Upsell” trends lower in CSAT, coaching sessions may be tailored to focus on that call type. This has also generated greater insight into Voice of the Customer, allowing us to push feedback in real time to the brand team based on trends around specific contact types.


The approach is simple: customization enables brand partners’ needs to be met, ensuring the delivery of quality service. When brands and their service providers align their goals and ideas in regards to communication, hiring, training, and reporting, all parties come out as winners. This alignment creates a stronger working relationship, as well as engaged agents, who deliver quality customer service to the brand’s end customers.

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