Steps to Shift From Reactive to Proactive Customer Service

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Steps to Shift From Reactive to Proactive Customer Service

1) Stick to the Script?
REACTIVE SOLUTION: Having a script that Customer Service Representatives will follow related to specific inquiries.

PROACTIVE SOLUTION: Develop self-help material, such as a FAQ section on your website that is clear and easily accessible to customers.

2) Houston we Have a Problem
REACTIVE SOLUTION: Customers realize there is a problem with the service or product when they need it.

PROACTIVE SOLUTION: Inform customers about what happened and what you’re doing to fix the issue.

3) Back Talk
REACTIVE SOLUTION: Respond to customer inquiries only when they reach out or something bad happens.

PROACTIVE SOLUTION: Ensure that you’re present and listening wherever customers talk about your brand and respond accordingly.

4) Channel Surfing
REACTIVE SOLUTION: Maintain traditional use of contact- phone & email.

PROACTIVE SOLUTION:  Include alternative channels such as mobile or social media to make it easy for customers to reach you.

5) Give Thanks
REACTIVE SOLUTION: Maintain service offerings without engaging loyalty efforts.

PROACTIVE SOLUTION: Create positive interactions with customers and thank them for their business.

6) Regularly Scheduled Check-Ups
REACTIVE SOLUTION: Assume that if customers aren’t reaching out to you, everything’s fine.

PROACTIVE SOLUTION: Regular check-ins with customers to identify areas that are weak and trying to fix them before the customer becomes unhappy.

While a tried and true method may be working for you right now, there may be an alternative, proactive way of doing things that could add value to your customer service offering.

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