Case Study: Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

We believe amazing people are the foundation for amazing customer experiences, and aligning candidates to the culture of our clients contributes toward a more authentic interaction.  Our process ensures we find, hire and retain the best people for your program, and develop them into high performing advocates and future leaders.  By hiring for both culture fit and skill set, we ... Read More

Case Study: Winning on Performance

All roads lead back to performance. Every step in our process is an intentional investment toward advancing our ability to raise the bar and deliver differentiated performance results. In our partnership with leading technology brands, we win on performance by focusing on training for extensive product knowledge, hiring top talent, and creating opportunities for our teams to continuously improve.  We ... Read More

Case Study: Driving a Culture of Innovation

Culture is our foundation and is a key factor for building long-term, successful partnerships. Our history of partnering with industry leaders and highly disruptive brands continues to inspire our own culture of innovation.  We measure ourselves based on the success of our partners, and believe in transparency and sharing of best practices that contribute toward the health of the entire ... Read More

Case Study: Customer Service in the E-learning Industry

Some of the largest E-learning brands in the world partner with us because of our ability to not only provide exceptional service, but also deliver insights and recommendations for the overall success of the brand.  For the past five years, we have partnered with an online learning platform that offers online courses, specializations, and degrees. The program has grown from ... Read More

Case Study: Improving Customer Service Quality with KnoahsARK 360

Providing a quality, positive experience to your customers at every touch point creates satisfied, loyal customers who are more likely to purchase from your brand again. That’s why leveraging technology and people to monitor and manage the quality of your customer care interactions is so important. In our partnership with one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices, we ... Read More

Case Study: Customer Service Email Solution

In our partnership with a high end beauty brand, we implemented an AI technology solution to help associates handle emails faster and improve productivity going into their holiday ramp season. We introduced SIDD Email, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) associate assist tool to improve productivity and reduce costs across email interactions by automating easy work, predicting email replies, and guiding associates ... Read More

Case Study: Customer Service Sales Solution

Leveraging your contact center to drive sales and loyalty is important in providing a positive ROI. By segmenting the needs of your program with specific hiring profiles, we are able to increase the success of your sales programs while maintaining customer retention.   We partner with some of the world’s largest brands to deliver sales support including inbound sales, upselling and ... Read More

Case Study: Workforce Management

Leveraging a Workforce Management solution is crucial in realizing operational efficiencies and cost savings. We partner with some of the biggest brands in the world to provide Workforce Management solutions, including volume forecasting, staff forecasting, and multi-vendor network support.  In our partnership with a music streaming service, we created a dedicated Workforce Management team to handle forecasting, resource planning, real ... Read More

Case Study: Technical Support

Brands today strive to create high quality, seamless tech products, with a customer service strategy to match. Not only does this mean providing a personalized customer experience for customers who require technical support on their purchased products, it also means nurturing customer relationships in both the pre- and post-sales stages, to create a loyal customer base. Leveraging your contact center ... Read More

Case Study: Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is a growing industry in this age of technology. If someone had told you 20 years ago that you could leverage smart technology in your home to automate lighting, thermostat temperatures, home security, and much more in the future, would you have believed them?  We partnered with a California-based consumer electronics company specializing in home automation to ... Read More