Thought Paper: Building Customer Trust With Data Security

  Customers have more trust issues than ever before, especially when it comes to giving away their personal information. That’s why data security programs needs to be top priority. A strong data security program provides: Confidence in BPO partners Foundation of trust with customers Safe and secure growth How do you ensure partners and customers feel comfortable with the people, ... Read More

Thought Paper: Driving Change Beyond The Contact Center

  In the customer service world, there is a ton of data available to help navigate operations. These metrics also help to: Measure the customer journey Build loyalty Demonstrate the value of the contact center How do you bring this data to life in a corporate environment, find the right people to action it and build relevance around your customer ... Read More

Case Study: Luxury Automobile White Glove Service

Brands choose to partner with us because of our ability to become an extension of their brand in an outsourced environment. In our partnership with one of North America’s leading luxury automobile companies, we implemented a successful white glove program and achieved 100% retention among our team by immersing them in the brand’s culture, ultimately providing consistently high CSAT scores for our ... Read More

Case Study: Customer Service Training Success

People are our greatest asset. In our partnership with a well-known travel software company, we invested in our people throughout the entire recruiting, training and nesting process. We were challenged to reach a 90% accuracy goal, which we hit by week 4 of our Wave 1 launch. Fill out our form to read the full case study.

Thought Paper: Subscription Model Experience

Partnering with some of the biggest names in subscription services, we’ve learned a lot about what makes the subscription model tick. We work with our partners to handle three main interaction types: Sales Inquiries Troubleshooting Cancellations Mastering these main interaction types will ensure your brand continues to prosper in a competitive marketplace.  Fill out the form to download our thought paper. 

Thought Paper: Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveying

CSAT surveys are an important tool used by brands to drive loyalty and gauge how every point of contact impacts the customer experience. Survey implementation considerations include: Survey goals (how success will be defined) Question types and flow Selecting a survey platform Fill out the form to download our thought paper.

Case Study: Do Your CSRs Sell?

We understand that leveraging your contact center to drive sales and loyalty is important in proving a positive ROI. Our partners rely on us to hire and train team members for sales-specific interactions, increasing the success of their sales programs and overall retention. Our experience includes: Helping an established multimedia company with their save the sale initiative. Partnering with an ... Read More

Case Study: Recruiting and Training for Large-Scale Launch

In our partnership with one of the world’s largest sportswear brands, we used a specialized recruiting and training strategy to hire a team that embodied the qualities, skills, and background needed to support their customers within a tight timeline. We were challenged to recruit and hire a brand new team of 400 members within 9 weeks. We achieved this through ... Read More

Thought Paper: Hiring for the Perfect Alignment

So, you’ve defined the principles, values, and norms that represent your business. You’ve even created a mission statement that your team members recognize as your foundation for success. But now you’re growing, and in need of hiring new people aligned with your brand, messaging and culture… How do you ensure these newbies are the right fit? Finding applicants that share ... Read More

Case Study: High Retention During Program Launch

We firmly believe that hiring brand advocates with the right skill set and cultural fit sets programs up for success. In our partnership with a large music streaming service, we achieved more than 99% retention during program launch. But how? Through a combination of: Targeted Recruiting Interactive Interviews An industry-leading training program Fill out our form to download the full case study.