SOCAP Symposium 2013 – Key Takeaways

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SOCAP Symposium 2013 – Key Takeaways

24-7 Intouch and Social Herd have just returned from SOCAP International’s 2013 Symposium in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they gathered alongside over 350 participants to experience three days of fantastic networking opportunities, and amazing sessions focusing on the critical issues facing the customer care profession. The content and conversations were outstanding, and our team is excited to share their key takeaways from this year’s symposium:

1. Data is only useful if it is actionable

Big Data will continue to be a popular focus for many this year, but there is no use in taking the time to collect the data if you don’t plan on putting it to use. All of the analyzing and planning will mean absolutely nothing if there is no follow through. A continual feedback loop, which includes profiling customers, standardizing processes on all levels, understanding and consolidating data, making connections, determining action, following through with the strategic plan, and continuing to monitor and adjust the strategic plan as you go, will be the only way to continue to stay ahead of the curve. The outcome of taking these steps will be an accurate representation of data on all levels of the brand which will increase efficiency, CSAT, enable smarter business decisions to be made, and allow for an authentic view of the brand to shine through to consumers.

2. The consumer chooses the channel

It’s important to remember that consumers will communicate with your brand in whatever channel they prefer and what works best for them at that given moment. For example, if they’re waiting on hold after calling in to make a complaint, they may get tired of waiting and post the complaint to your Facebook or Twitter page. For this reason, it is important to be prepared and be able to take strategic action and engage with customers in every channel. A multi-channel approach using voice, chat, e-mail, social media, sms, self-service, and brick and mortar locations is an all-encompassing solution, but going a step further than this would be to develop an omnichannel business model. Omnichannel means that brands are present in all of the key channels, but also ensure that all of their channels seamlessly integrate with each other.

3. Urgency wins

Competition is fierce and the longer you wait to seize opportunities and take strategic action, the less likely you are to create a loyal community. If you want to deliver a unique customer experience, one that will not only keep current customers happy and coming back for more, but entice new customers to become fans of your brand, than you have to have a strategy and stick to it. Don’t wait – make maintaining the highest level of customer service your top priority.

24-7 Intouch and Social Herd presented in the Business Partner Showcase at the conference and Matt Cockell, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at 24-7 Intouch also participated in a speaking session alongside Linda Grover, Consumer Affairs Supervisor at McCormick Canada. The session, titled, “Managing the Brand – Business Partner Relationship,” focused on the importance of cultural alignment and transparency in an outsourcing partnership. Our team is excited to use the knowledge gained at the symposium, and are eagerly anticipating SOCAP’s Annual Conference, October 27-30, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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