Social Media Monitoring VS Moderation

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Social Media Monitoring VS Moderation

These two words monitoring and moderation are sometimes used interchangeably and to someone new to social media management, they may be confusing.
Here is a quick definition.

Social media moderation refers to user generated content and community management. To moderate involves listening, escalating and responding to content on company owned and controlled social sites, such as a community forum, news site, live event, or a brand’s Facebook page. There are several guidelines and policies that companies must consider when developing moderation best practices.

Social media monitoring is similar to moderation, but relates to listening to public social media sites where content is not controlled. Listening first then deciding when and what to respond to are the underlying principals in social media management.  Social media monitoring helps companies keep a pulse on what is going with their brand, employees, competitors and industry. There are several monitoring technologies to help companies manage this critical piece of their strategy.;

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