Spring Cleaning For Your CX

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cleaning up your customer experience

Spring Cleaning For Your CX

SPRING IS HERE (unless you are at our Corporate HQ in Winnipeg, Canada where we’re expecting Spring sometime around June). That means Spring Cleaning! We know you’re excited to get that closet, car, or yard organized but what about giving your customer experience a little TLC?

Taking care of your customers is priority number one, however in the spirit of Spring, we’re digging up some new tips that will make your customer journey spick-and-span.

On our Spring Cleaning Checklist:

Outline how you interact with your customers today. Audit your channel strategy. Are you are using an omnichannel approach? Depending on your industry, this could mean engaging your customers in both physical stores and online.

Outline how you want to interact with your customers in a perfect world. What impression do you want to leave? What makes your interaction better than others? Take note of your CSAT scores and try to choose a brand voice that exudes professional problem solving that feels natural and authentic.

Identify your different customer personas. Understanding all aspects of your customer, such as whether they are a traditionalist who wants to speak to “a real person”, or a tech-savvy consumer who’d rather text with a customer service agent. These differences are crucial in creating a customer journey strategy with your product or service and strengthens your highly-adaptable workforce. It’s important to revisit this regularly as your brand grows and attracts new customers. As they scale up, so do you!

Identify the impact your improvements will have on your business. Think big! Aligning your entire organization on strategy and vision will empower your people and help you get that ROI you’re after. Plus, each person’s daily/weekly/monthly/annual goals will be in line with that message. Keeping your customer care department looped in with others in your organization, such as marketing, product development, and even human resources, will make way for visibility and leadership buy-in.

Your customers want to self-serve wherever possible, so make it easy for them to do so. Compare channel volumes and identify ways to deflect volume to self-service. Can you employ IVR somewhere new? Are there any recommendations you can make for the clients’ FAQs? Make sure that you provide the information your customers need in a digestible format and let them help themselves when they want to.

Think about obstacles that will keep you from getting to your dream state. Of course, we don’t know what we don’t know, and there’s bound to be a few snags along the way. But planned foresight might save you from making a big mistake or can help you proactively problem solve. Think about what might be required of your team and determine whether they have bandwidth to execute. What kind of technology will you need to accomplish this? Is additional education and/or training required and do you have the resources for that? Logistics are key in rolling out your plan, so have a method to your madness. Oh, and don’t forget to consider the costs and legal implications of your new plans. You might need some outside help for that.

These transformational changes won’t happen overnight, but getting your hands dirty and putting the ball in motion will set the course for success. Leading by example will help your team stay aligned with the overall goals, which should lead to aggregate performance improvement. Spring is here, time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Your customers are waiting for you!

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