Customer Effort Score: A Key Metric for Your Digital Customers

Prioritizing metrics that matter most to your brand should not only be based on company culture and operational style, but also on today’s digital customers. As consumers change how they live, work, and purchase, brands’ customer service metrics need to adjust accordingly.  Customer Effort Score Customer Effort Score (CES) is a critical metric, and has been increasingly growing in popularity ... Read More

Case Study: Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is a growing industry in this age of technology. If someone had told you 20 years ago that you could leverage smart technology in your home to automate lighting, thermostat temperatures, home security, and much more in the future, would you have believed them?  We partnered with a California-based consumer electronics company specializing in home automation to ... Read More

Case Study: Member Services Experience

Introducing membership opportunities is one of the best ways to gain loyal customers and brand advocates. It’s important to ensure these VIP customers are receiving exceptional customer service when they reach out with questions or concerns. We have developed key best practices when handling member services, which deliver the following results: Increased First Contact Resolution Decreased Average Handle Time Increased ... Read More

Case Study: Email Response Efficiency

Technology is transforming the customer service industry, and we are leading the charge for this transformation with our team at Laivly, by building cutting edge technology solutions for our agents to work with every day. In our partnership with a high-end beauty brand, we leveraged our artificial intelligence assistant, SIDD, to improve their email response process. Our SIDD Email implementation ... Read More

Case Study: Luxury Automobile White Glove Service

Brands choose to partner with us because of our ability to become an extension of their brand in an outsourced environment. In our partnership with one of North America’s leading luxury automobile companies, we implemented a successful white glove program and achieved 100% retention among our team by immersing them in the brand’s culture, ultimately providing consistently high CSAT scores for our ... Read More

Thought Paper: Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveying

CSAT surveys are an important tool used by brands to drive loyalty and gauge how every point of contact impacts the customer experience. Survey implementation considerations include: Survey goals (how success will be defined) Question types and flow Selecting a survey platform Fill out the form to download our thought paper.

Why Bother Measuring Customer Satisfaction? Part 2

In our last blog post, we talked about the importance of customer satisfaction surveys and the critical questions brands should ask themselves before they execute on the survey. This time, we’re breaking down the four main question types most commonly used in customer surveys, and what their analytical purposes are. Tip: Each survey question should always be selected based on ... Read More

Why Bother Measuring Customer Satisfaction? Part 1

CSAT surveys are a powerful tool that companies can use to drive loyalty and ensure their customers are happy throughout their entire journey with your brand. Truly insightful analytics happen when you can tie the individual’s customer experience to their satisfaction in a CSAT survey. Prior to a survey being launched, a strategic plan on how you will implement some ... Read More

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Customer Care Program

Creating consistent communication channels between you and your customers builds long-term relationships and increased brand loyalty. With newer communication channels such as social media and SMS messaging, and the customer expectation to be able to connect with brands when and how they want, understanding the importance of quality customer service and retention strategies has never been more important. A positive ... Read More