Winning with Employee Experience in the Contact Center Industry

Challenges faced in 2020 by organizations across the globe reinforced the importance of strong core capabilities and investment in people and technology. After more than a full year of BPOs operating contact centers in a 100% virtual environment, there have been some key learnings and takeaways that will continue to impact the customer care industry for years to come.  Employee ... Read More

Thought Paper: Recruitment Roulette: The Importance of Brand Identity

0:26   Recruiting candidates that fit a brand identity is invaluable in the customer care industry, where retention is constantly a losing game. Here’s why: Front-line individuals who are aligned with a company’s core values and brand are more likely to stay for 12, 18, 24 months and beyond.  Engaged and passionate employees will provide the best possible service to ... Read More

We’ve Been (CX) Disconnected

2017 began with Harvard Business Review declaring that 86% of business leaders agreed that Customer Experience (CX) was vital for success. Yet only 50% of respondents of the latest Customer Experience Management Benchmark Series Report published by Execs in the Know and the COPC answered “Yes” when asked if their company’s leadership was fully committed to a customer-first strategy. But ... Read More

Why Technology Won’t Fix Customer Care

“Technology will solve all our problems!” Have you ever caught your customer care team saying that? From telephone switchboards to chatbots and automation, technology has been weaving its way into customer care for decades. These technologies are changing at a rapid rate, serving as tools to make customer care programs easier, more efficient and more human. Read: Three Technologies That ... Read More

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Customer Care Program

Creating consistent communication channels between you and your customers builds long-term relationships and increased brand loyalty. With newer communication channels such as social media and SMS messaging, and the customer expectation to be able to connect with brands when and how they want, understanding the importance of quality customer service and retention strategies has never been more important. A positive ... Read More