Case Study: Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

We believe amazing people are the foundation for amazing customer experiences, and aligning candidates to the culture of our clients contributes toward a more authentic interaction.  Our process ensures we find, hire and retain the best people for your program, and develop them into high performing advocates and future leaders.  By hiring for both culture fit and skill set, we ... Read More

Data Annotation for Enhancing the Customer Experience

In today’s digital world, there’s a lot of chatter around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models creating a more seamless user experience and data-driven decision making. Data Annotation takes Machine Learning models to the next level by increasing quality, accuracy, and speed throughout the entire process. Data Annotation is changing the way consumers interact with brands, resulting in an improved ... Read More

Case Study: Technical Support

Brands today strive to create high quality, seamless tech products, with a customer service strategy to match. Not only does this mean providing a personalized customer experience for customers who require technical support on their purchased products, it also means nurturing customer relationships in both the pre- and post-sales stages, to create a loyal customer base. Leveraging your contact center ... Read More

The Age Of The Customer: What Does Empowerment Look Like?

We’re in “The Age of the Customer”, meaning that the customer is in charge of the way brands make strategic business decisions. This balance of power is forcing companies to put their CX strategies under a microscope. In our last blog, we listed some eye-opening statistics that really prove how important customer experience is today, including that 72% of businesses ... Read More

The Age Of The Customer: Why Does Empowerment Matter So Much?

The customer care world is constantly evolving, which is why it’s no surprise that brands are stepping up their customer experience (CX) game every year. But in order for outsourced customer care teams to win with every interaction, they need to feel empowered in their role. So, how can you ensure that your teams are equipped to give world-class experiences ... Read More

Beyond The Contact Center Pt 1: The Strategic Value of Metrics

Did you know? It’s predicted that by 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second, for every human being in the world. This explosion of available insights has the potential to bring huge value to brands everywhere. The customer service world is no exception. There is massive amounts of data available to help navigate contact center operations, ... Read More

To QA or Not to QA: That is the Question

We all know that offering quality service is paramount to customer satisfaction. But brands today don’t always see eye-to-eye on the true function of Quality Assurance (QA) and how the process should be executed on their programs. Below we break down three statements about QA in the industry and highlight both the pros and cons that some of the largest ... Read More

We’ve Been (CX) Disconnected

2017 began with Harvard Business Review declaring that 86% of business leaders agreed that Customer Experience (CX) was vital for success. Yet only 50% of respondents of the latest Customer Experience Management Benchmark Series Report published by Execs in the Know and the COPC answered “Yes” when asked if their company’s leadership was fully committed to a customer-first strategy. But ... Read More

Key Areas for Evaluating Contact Centers

Determining which contact center to partner with can be a difficult process, especially if it is your first time outsourcing. With multiple partners to choose from, what criteria should you use to determine a good fit for your company, your program, and your needs? Three areas to consider when evaluating your potential partners are innovation, people, and operations. INNOVATION New ... Read More

Connecting the Dots: Customer Experience & Social Media

With the rise of the technology age, many predicted companies like LEGO would decline in popularity. How could little plastic building blocks compare with the allure of video games and addicting apps? LEGO was aware of the challenge, and faced it head on by fully integrating their social media with their customer experience. They recognized that building LEGO was a ... Read More